Friday, February 01, 2008

Brescia beats Govan

I love these lifestyle choice stories. I am sure I remember one when Florin Raducioiu (or however you spell it) was torn between somewhere grim in the UK and Espanol. It was his wife, I think, who said don't be so bloomin' stupid - we're off to Barcelona you eejit!

So, Andrea Caracciolo snubbed the Glasgow Rangers to go to Brescia. He even went down a division rather than head to Ibrox. Admirable? Foolish? Understandable?

In Glasgow he would surely have got plenty of goals. He would also have got a team virtually guaranteed Champions League football every year. He would have got to share a curry with Barry Ferguson.

Instead, he went back to the team where he first made his reputation. There he gets a side struggling to get back to Serie A but he will get pasta like his mamma used to make every day.

Now, which one would you have chosen?


Brian said...

Maybe he didn't like deep fried food or flute bands ......

I wish someone would give me that choice ;0)

martinobhoy said...

I dont think I need to answer which one I'd choose.........

Anyhoo I love though how the collapse of the deal is being reported in our Murray-friendly media this morning. Apparently it was "impossible" for Rangers to negotiate a deal due to the player being owned by two clubs.

Er, so how come Brescia managed it then?

ginkers said...

It must have been a tough choice right enough, boys.