Sunday, February 17, 2008

That's one in the bag

Well, Inter really don't need to worry any more about the Scudetto after the weekend's events. They brushed past Livorno while Juve did them a big favour in beating Roma. You've got to hand it to Claudio Ranieri. He has put the Bianconeri in with a decent shout of finishing in second place in their first season back in Serie A.

Down the table a bit, Milan could not break down a solid Parma side and their draw allowed Fiorentina to rebuild a gap in fourth place thanks to an Adrian Mutu wonder strike against Catania. Udinese also won, making the fight for that last Champions League spot pretty tasty.

Elsewhere, it was the Antonio Cassano show as Samp won the Genoese derby by a single goal. Honestly, if the boy from Bari could just focus on his football he would be a real bonus to both club and country...


patcook said...

I''m really hoping that next season will be close at the top.

Maybe if Juve can build on a great first season back in Serie A and If Milan can sought out their injury problems we could even get a three horse race.

Aussie Romanista said...

ADP gave Totti 2 lessons:
1) How to play football, hold up the ball, press the defense and draw them in to fouls. Mexes didn't have a clue on him.
2) How to hit (and score) a free kick.
Looked like Totti (and co) went to the wrong Olimpico.
Forza Ale for Euro 2008!

Juventino said...

Was Totti there? I know he talked it up in the lead-up ("playing against Juve is bigger than playing against Lazio") but I didn't see him while I was watching the game. Where was he?

I was really surprised by Ranieri last week when he threw everything by having 5 attacking players on the field at Udinese when we were down 1-0, and then keeping that for 10 minutes after we'd gone ahead. We looked like scoring a third much more than Udinese looked like getting an equaliser.

I was even more surprised that he started that was on Saturday. Five attacking players and only Zanetti shielding the defence. Zanetti's brilliant form allows it and he surely deserves (at least) consideration from Donadoni. It took Roma 10-15 minutes to figure out how to combat our formation and kept their full-backs pinned back the whole game. It was a pretty dour match, though.

I have to agree with AR: Del Piero was fantastic. Great to see him do that against a big team. He'd played like that a number of times, but the biggest performance until this weekend was probably away to Lazio.

Honestly, I'd rather see Cassano starting next to Toni instead of Di Natale. Di Natale's having a good season, but he just doesn't convince me that he can do it on the biggest stage against the likes of the frogs, clogs and krauts.

ginkers said...


It is a shame that nobody can get a bit closer to Inter. It never does a league any good to have someone dominate to this extent.


I have been doubtful about Del Piero of late but he is certainly giving some virtuoso displays for Juve. I just wonder if he would produce as much for Italy.


I understand your doubts about Di Natale but, at the moment, there have to be reservations about Cassano. It is a question of consistency versus potential in some ways. Di Natale will never be the player Cassano COULD be. However, the Udinese man has delivered more to date.

To be fair to Totti, he has been fighting back from injury and has not looked himself. He needs to sort it out for Real Madrid.

TrentToffee said...

...lovely goal from Del P. The man is a pearl. It baffles me as to why he isn't an automatic choice for the national team. And I'm with Juventino, give Cassano a run out.

Aussie Romanista said...

I'm against Cassano ever playing for the national team again. Brilliant, yes, but he can't be trusted not to lose his head. Having said that now he'll probably go and win Euro 08 on his own and of course I'd be happy if it happened. If he'd done anything at Real he might still be there playing against Roma in the CL.
Del Piero over Di Natale for me too.

martinobhoy said...

Here's hoping our Viola boys get that 4th place. I'm still holding out hope for seeing Celtic v Fiorentina in the Champions League.

patcook said...

Lets us not forget that Totti was just as much as a loose cannon as Cassano for awhile. Totti had the spitting incident and plenty of form dips but will retire as one of the few players ever to have won a world cup, perhaps Cassano will one day follow in his former teammates steps.

I think if he can produce the right stuff at club level then he deserves a chance in the azzurri shirt