Monday, February 11, 2008

In praise of the little guy

In these days of global brand positioning - whatever that means - it is worth pausing to remember that, for the time being at least, even footballing giants need somebody to play against. So, for all this talk of taking the game around the world, you still have to be able to beat the minnows in your own back yard. And if those tiddlers happen to give you a fright from time to time - so much the better.

I thought this while watching Siena, Reggina, Catania and - to a lesser extent - Udinese at the weekend. Siena gave Milan a hard time only to be sunk by the Rossoneri's latest wonderkid Paloschi. On Saturday night Reggina played so cautiously for the first half I nearly switched off but in the second period they were enterprising and aggressive only to lose out to Roma. It was a similar story for Catania against Inter. Up until the Nerazzurri went ahead it was a good game.

Elsewhere, Fiorentina contrived to throw away a win (or Atalanta battled to the death, depending on your viewpoint). It means a midweek win over Livorno would put Milan into fourth place and back into the Champions League points. Apart from one setback - also at Atalanta - they are the form team of Serie A at the moment...


TrentToffee said...

Her here. Let's hear it for the little guy I'm with them all the way. There's nothing better than seeing the big boys get turned over. No matter where.

"Brand positioning" ? That's watching Wigan v Bolton for the 18th place play-off, in Dallas, isn't it ? What a load of cobblers.

ginkers said...

Hey, that sounds a great 18th place play-off buddy!

patcook said...

Paloschi's finish was fantastic. I suppose even if he had of just scored a tap-in there would have been plenty of buzz, but the fact it was a finish even the greats would have been proud of has definitely piled the pressure on the young kid.

Milan are starting to get back to winning ways, but a few of the wins have been a bit ugly. Seina really deserved to get a point.

Aussie Romanista said...

Paloschi's goal is up there with Lars Ricken's.
I hope it's not the last thing he ever does on a football pitch though.

ginkers said...


There is a real feel-good factor about Italy's young players at the moment. Long may it continue.


I forgot about that goal. Grazie Dortmund!