Thursday, February 21, 2008

Firenze Sogna

Tonight is the night when a little dream can come true. Fiorentina take on Rosenborg in Florence with the prize dangling at the end of it a trip to Goodison Park to take on Everton.

I have followed the Viola for too long to think they will do the job with ease. However, having won the first leg 1-0 it would be a real shame to throw it away. I want my trip down to Liverpool to see my boys in action. Here is hoping.


Antonio Gurrado said...

C'mon, I'm with you - remembering Baggio and the 1990 UEFA Cup (execpt for the final...)


Brian said...

I was there the last time the Viola played on English soil. If you get through let's hope you have a better result this time round ;0)

TrentToffee said...

I'm rooting for your boys all the way chap. Hopefully that away goal will be enough for you, as will the 2 that Everton have over the other lot. THEN DING-DONG !! Let's get it on :0)

martinobhoy said...

Yep, Brian and I were there that night at Old Trafford when Batistuta scored one of the most amazing goals I've seen. Gashed my shin celebrating it as well!

Aussie Romanista said...

Forza Viola!
I hope they play Bayern in the final and win 2-0.

Spangly Princess said...


Though TT was a bit pessimistic there methinks. The aggregate 8-1 tonking will perhaps be a bit alarming to the Viola.

Milanista said...

Congrats on the win, I was rooting for them to do well. Shoudl be a fantastic tie against Everton.
Fiornetina are the pride of Italy at the mo with them being the only team to have not lost yet!

ginkers said...


Sweet memories indeed.


Here is hoping!


The dream ticket is alive. Please keep me posted of how I can get tickets - for the Fiorentina end!


I hope we get the opportunity to pick up more Viola-related injuries.


Be nice to get our hands on Toni again...


I was a bit worried about that scoreline but, to use a dreadful pun, Everton should eat up a team like Brann for breakfast.


Undefeated and Fiorentina have rarely been seen in the same sentence before...

Milanista said...

I meant the only Italian team to have not lost in Europe yet. No matter how rarely it is used, it's a reality now :D

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the Toffs playing in beautiful Firenze.
What is it like as an away fan ?.
Any useful tips.

ginkers said...

You are stuck in a pretty small corner of the ground but the city itself is great. Plenty of nice places to grab a slice of pizza near the ground but watch out for the little motor scooters after the game - they get everywhere!