Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Trap O'Toni?

To be sure, is there no end to the love of all things Italian at the moment? Apparently, the legendary Giovanni Trapattoni - he of the ridiculous touchline gestures and amazing whistling - is being considered for the job of manager of the Republic of Ireland.

Begorrah, bejeezus and any other Irish cliche I can think of! The Trap in charge of the Fighting Irish! It is so bonkers it is brilliant. It would, of course, mean that he would face Italy in the World Cup qualification group as well.

I say get Nevio Scala in for Wales, Marcello Lippi for Scotland and Luca Vialli for Northern Ireland and let's complete the clean sweep!


martinobhoy said...

And if Trap wants a tour of the Old Country to help him make up his mind I'm more than happy to volunteer.

ursus arctos said...

The Trap rumour was apparently floated by a bookmaker looking to move the market and has now been denied by all and sundry, including the man himself.

And our run of winning ugly has come to an end against Lazio. Coppa Addio!

ginkers said...


You are the very man he had in mind! If he is still standing after that he might get the job.


Bookies and dodgy dealing, whoever heard the like?

Sadly, we were a bit jaded against Lazio although I am hoping we are concentrating on the league. Big bash with Milan on Sunday!

Antonio Gurrado said...

Could you please lend Steve McClaren to Inter?


ginkers said...


He would look good under a black and blue umbrella...

ursus arctos said...

Gattuso is out for eight weeks and won't be at the Franchi. Unfortunately, it looks like Kalac will get the nod over Dida.

Forza Viola.