Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fulmine a San Siro

It should have been the goal that blasted the Serie A battle back open. Francesco Totti struck as sweet a left foot strike as you will ever see to give Roma the lead over Inter in their top of the table fight on Wednesday night. Instead, the Nerazzurri clawed their way back with ten men to get a draw which keeps them nine points clear.

The game started sluggishly but once Roma got ahead it sprung to life. Bobby Mancini committed his subs early and paid the price when Maxwell was stretchered off leaving his team with ten men. However, the referee evened that up by harshly sending off Phillipe Mexes. Then Roma lost a man through injury too, leaving them with nine.

Eventually, with suitable huff and puff, Javier Zanetti struck an equaliser through a forest of legs. The San Siro went nuts but the neutrals stamped the ground in disgust. Roma will never have a better chance to narrow the gap on the top of the table team than that.


Spangly Princess said...

We blew it, majorly. No excuses really, yes the sending off was wrong & it cost us but if we'd scored when we had all that dominance then it would never have been an issue.

Here's to winning the Coppa Italia instead.

TrentToffee said...


patcook said...

well imagine if Roma had won, the lead would now be 3 points! although even if they were level I'd still put my money on inter, even if my heart lay else where.

ginkers said...


Maybe after the weekend there is still hope.


Indeed, although there were signs of hope for the chasing pack in what happened in Napoli.