Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Say it aint so Joe-seppe!

Very disappointed indeed to read of Giuseppe Rossi's move to Villareal in La Liga. I had held out high hopes that we might get "our boy" back in Serie A but to no avail. It is, perhaps, a sign of the times that a relative tiddler of a club (no offence Villareal fans) can outbid any Italian rivals. I'm not sure how serious the interest in Italy was but it would have been nice to have one of our genuine entertainers on our shores.

Elsewhere, the Serie A fixture list is finally out with a few crackers in the opening weeks.


Palermo v Roma looks the tastiest treat on opening day with Milan v Fiorentina in week two. And the sparks should really fly by week four when Roma face Juve in the Bianconeri's first big match since their return. Oh, I can hardly wait for August 26 to roll around.

Friday, July 27, 2007

The most important goals...

I know I really should not read these thing but, just the same, they really make my blood boil. That may well be the point of publishing them. But, still, the Times 50 most important goals makes laughable reading.


You might think it is a joke when you have a look around the lower reaches. But wait until you get to the top and it really becomes farcical. It is so anglo-centric it really has to be read to be believed. I know it is not about the best goals but it would be hard to say any of the following did not deserve their place in the top 50.

1) Gianni Rivera's winning goal in Italy's 4-3 triumph over West Germany in "the game of the century" in 1970.

2) Dejan Savicevic's amazing lob in Milan's demolition of Barcelona, cementing the Rossoneri as the greatest team of the era.

3) Marco Tardelli's World Cup final "screamer".

4) Pretty much every goal Maradona scored to take Napoli to the scudetto (and his goal to sink England in 1986).

5) Fabio Grosso's strike against Germany last summer.

Not to mention Super Pippo, the master of important goals?

I know it is a nonsense but, just the same, a lot of people will read it and believe it.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Baffled by Bobo

As a lifelong Viola man I must admit I am surprised to see them sign Bobo Vieri. In some ways, of course, it makes sense. They needed somebody with a confirmed Serie A reputation to replace the loss of Luca Toni but, just the same, aren't the big man's best days behind him?

Of course, he is not THAT old and - back to his best - he would be a real asset. However, it seemed like his mind was more concentrated on fashion business and nightclubs or the like. It is also a bit of a slap in the face for Pazzini. Still, you have got to have faith in what Prandelli has done so far.

Very much looking forward to the new season with Napoli, Genoa and Juve back in harness. Going to be much tougher to get a top four finish for everyone this term. And even Inter might lose a couple of games...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A blog break

I am heading off on holiday to celebrate the one year anniversary of Italy's World Cup win. However, fear not, I shall be back to the blog in a couple of weeks. So brace yourselves...