Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Et tu, Mutu?

There have been a few tormented transfer deals this summer. Ronaldo to Real, Lampard to Inter and now, it would appear, Adrian Mutu to Roma. Will he stay or will he go?

I can understand a move to Roma to some extent. Probably more money, definitely more chance of the Scudetto and automatic group stages in the Champions League. Who wouldn't?

But, then again, the Viola are a team on the rise with the Romanian at their heart. They have built him up when nobody much cared for him. I know loyalty doesn't exist any more but just the same.

The bottom line, for me anyway, is that greater players than him have left Florence and the club has moved on. Baggio, Batigol and Toni all headed on to pastures new. In the end, you support the team, not one player.

Nonetheless, he was at the very epicentre of the Viola revolution. Without him, the attack is a bit of an unknown quantity. Pazzini and Gilardino might be a perfect double act but, then again, maybe not.

Once a player gets unsettled, though, is there really much point in keeping them? Certainly not if their own fans turn against them. I suspect Mutu is simply looking to get the best deal he can - be it in Florence or Rome. You can't blame him, a footballer's career is short, etc. But that won't stop me cursing him if he does go...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who signed Roger Rabbit?

Everyone is agreed, Milan needed to make some moves this summer. Their team looked jaded and struggled to compete last year. But, what on earth possessed them to splash out on the over-necklaced Ronaldinho?

I may be proved wrong, he may become a Rossonero legend - but I doubt it. Surely his day is done.

The only redeeming feature of the move is at least it shows Milan remain more appealing than Manchester City. It really would have been one in the eye for Serie A if he had snubbed the multi-Champions League winners for the City of Manchester stadium.

Reading between the lines this seems more like a media move than one designed to boost the team. Of course, at his best, he would be a quality addition. But even at his worst, he will shift a lot of season tickets and merchandise. It seems to have been done more to appease the fans than with any real vision of beefing up the Milan side.

Maybe I've just spent too long listening to people bore me about how great he was when he played for Barcelona. We'll see if he gets the same rave reviews now he has crossed the great divide from La Liga to Serie A.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Is he worth it?

I know he is a good player and all that but is all the ballyhoo about Frank Lampard worthwhile? Would he really transform Inter into Champions League contenders? Or is it just a show of strength from the Nerazzurri and Mourinho?

All answers gratefully received.