Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bobo in Nazionale?

Well, the big man has admitted it. Bobo Vieri would love to squeeze his big Aussie butt back into an Azzurri strip. The question is, should we let him?

After scoring the winner against Napoli last night our Christian soldier said he did have an eye on the Nazionale. Now, my first reaction was simply to laugh. But, on reflection, is it so ridiculous? Is he a worse option than, say, Lucarelli or Quagliarella? Personally, I would like him to have more games under his narrowing belt but could it be worth a gamble? As an understudy to Toni we could do a lot worse.

In other news, the much maligned Mancini and Gilardino were heroes on Wednesday. The Roma man helped to win the derby while Gila was inspirational in the 5-0 hammering of Samp. If he keeps this form up he will get more than 20 Serie A goals for the Rossoneri this year. Who will the fans boo then?

Inter and Juve both won too setting up a mouthwatering Sunday night clash in Turin. The Derby of Italy is back in style. Sit back, pour yourself a good glass of Barbera and watch the sparks fly.


Martha said...

Bobo-to-the-Azzurri has actually come up several times this season already, and I have to say I think it's written up (shockingly) in ways that make it sound like more his idea than it is. Basically, the press ask him about it every time he scores, and he's all like "Well yeah, that'd be awesome." As a result, all the headlines say "BOBO WANTS AZZURRI!" It'd be awesome, obviously, but I doubt his hopes are all that high quite yet ...

martinobhoy said...

Ginkers, to be honest, I think it is time to move on. The big man has had his day in azzurro.

Fair enough if it was a small country like Scotland but surely Italy has enough young talent without going back to Bobo.

Venezian said...

I'm not a fan of going back to players who are past their best (see eg. Del Piero) BUT if he could keep this form up, then I think he should be considered for a squad place, mainly because after Toni we don't have a powerful centre forward worthy of the name to replace him - Bobo is a far better footballer than Lucarelli in my book.

Of course, given Gila's timely return to form, Lucarelli's place should be under threat anyway (as should Quagliarella's, but I would like to see Rosina take that spot).

ginkers said...


It is true, there is always some spin put on everything Bobo says. Nonetheless, he is one of Italy's form strikers.


You are probably right - I just like to see as many Viola men in there as I can.


I always think of you when Gila scores a goal, you should model your haircut on him! I model mine on Rosina...

Anonymous said...

Where was Ibra last night? The same place as when Juve went out of the CL with a whimper against Arsenal? And against that a pattern???

Legrottaglie for gli azzurri!!!

And that wasn't a penalty in the 5th minute...what do you think? Cagliari got two penalties against us in round two for that! I reckon it would have taken a murder and a coronial inquest for Juve to be given a penalty last night!

Too bad Camoranesi wasn't fully fit. He looked in the mood.

And here's another reason why Inter are shyte: Juve always beat (I want to say 'smashed', but I'll show some humility and say 'beat' instead) Inter when we were just marginally better (and Collina wasn't allowing Buffon to be raped). Now they're streaks ahead of us and they can't put us away. Perrenial pretenders!!!

Giovinco is Del Piero's successor. Great to see De Ceglie and Marchisio going well lately, and even Paro's getting a decent run at Genoa. The future is looking bright for Juve! I'm optimistic.

And as hilarious as Ballotta's clanger was, credit to Pazzini for being right there to pounce on it. It was good striking. I like that boy.

And finally, no love for Iaquinta in the national team?

Those are my thoughts. Thanks for your time, all, and the space, ginkers!!!

- Juventino

ginkers said...

Juventino, you make some good points. If Inter were really as brilliant as they seem to believe they would have destroyed Juve on Sunday night.

Instead, they failed to make their class advantage tell and the Bianconeri showed a lot of guts to come back. And, yes, that was a good shout for a penalty.

I'm a big Pazzini fan, too. And Giovinco, although I do worry about him being frail for the top level.

Anonymous said...

I think that Roma and Fiorentina both outplayed us much more than Inter did. And I could make a good argument that Inter didn't really. It was quite close to even.
We can't really compete in terms of quality (a fit Camoranesi might help) but I've been very impressed with the grinta, voglia and cuore we've shown.

Giovinco...he excites me too!!! Iaquinta, Palladino, Giovinco...please answer my prayers and sign Rossi! We'll be set for the next 5-10 years!

- Juventino