Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Imagine the conversation

I have read some daft stories in my time but this one tops the lot. Marcello Lippi turns down Birmingham! "This is not a stunt - it is genuine!" insisted the club co-owner. It gives me great pleasure to produce a transcript of the telephone call.

Brummie City Person: Hello, can I speak to Mr Lippy?

Marcello Lippi: Yes, speaking.

BCP: I understand you are out of work at the moment.

ML: Well, yes, apart from the odd bit of punditry for Sky.

BCP: Are you in the market for a return to management?

ML: Might be, depends who is speaking.

BCP: Oh yes, sorry, I represent an English Premiership club.

ML: Mmmm. Interesting, which one? Manchester United? Chelsea? Liverpool?

BCP: No, not exactly.

ML: Look, Signore, I have got a big cigar waiting for me! What club do you represent?

BCP (whispers): Birmingham City...

ML: What? Speak up.

BCP (mumbles): Birmingham City...

ML: What? Bird in hand shitty?

BCP (shouts): OK! OK! Birmingham City.

The line goes dead.


Anonymous said...

What's your source?

- Juventino

Brian said...

I hear Lippi was only offered it after Big Eck turned them down ;0)

TrentToffee said...

I saw that on the teletext last night. I didn't believe it. but now that you've produced the transcript it must be true. This story is so daft you couldn't make it up.

ginkers said...


I cannot reveal but now they are no longer tapping Moggi they have some time on their hands.


Now that sounds more likely!


I think there might be a series in this. Capello turns down Hull City. Scala turns down Queen of the South, etc, etc, etc.

ursus arctos said...

Scala might well turn down QoS, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if he would listen to Gretna.

Antonio Gurrado said...

"Bird in hand shitty" is great! Have I ever told you I am a Villians supporter since I was 10?


ginkers said...


True. Sad, but true.


I am suprised you would admit to such a thing in print! How do you rate our old Celtic man Martin O'Neill?