Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Win it for Liedholm

I am a bit behind the times but have only just caught up with the news that Milan legend Nils Liedholm has passed away at the age of 85. I am not old enough to have seen him play but I remember him as manager of Roma and his name was always linked with one of the great Rossonero sides.

My favourite story about the Barone - indeed, probably my only story about him - is how his first incomplete pass was greeted at the San Siro. The fans are supposed to have applauded such was their amazement at seeing one of his passes go astray.

So the current team owe it to his memory to go out and thrash Shakthar Donetsk tonight. And Roma owe it to him to go out and perform similar heroics when they face Sporting Lisbon tomorrow. Remember, he will be watching in judgment.

Addio, Barone.


ginkers said...

In reply to my own post, what a fine result from Milan (and indeed Lazio). May Roma follow suit tonight...

Milanista said...

A great result for Milan and I am glad we won in honour of such a great and well respected player. Let's hope Roma can do the same.

martinobhoy said...

Excellent result for Milan. And on a selfish note it really helped us as well.

ginkers said...


Roma maybe didnt do it but a draw was pretty good in the circumstances.


Indeed, if all goes to plan you can hopefully count on the Rossoneri fielding a B team in the San Siro.