Friday, November 16, 2007

Fit to burst

I've been around a long time but I don't remember Scotland ever building up to a football game like this for a while. Maybe those play-off games with England or the meeting at Euro '96 but even those I don't recall having this intensity of coverage. Maybe it is because it is against Italy it has made more of an impression on me.

I think the whole country might explode by 4.59pm on Saturday.

That's the great thing football can do, the flip side to all the rubbish that has been associated with it recently. One way or another it will end in tears, joy or maybe in suspense on Saturday evening.

My main hope is that the Azzurri are as up for it as Scotland. If they are, I believe they will get at the very least a draw. If they are not, they might run into trouble. It will be a tense day when I expect to receive about 100 texts at full time. Whatever the outcome, I will try to take it on the chin. I have had plenty of highs and lows following Italia.

But, what the hell. Dai, ragazzi, fammi sognare ancora una volta!


Aussie Romanista said...

Ginkers are you going to the match?
Give us a wave if you do. See you on RAI !

Antonio Gurrado said...

Let's hope for Ukraine to defeat, destroy, annihilate France.


Spangly Princess said...

grande! grazie ragazzi, thought I feel sorry for the Scots

Red said...

How are you today, Ginkers? Not too low, I hope!

ginkers said...


I wasnt at the game but I was with all Italians abroad in spirit!


Sadly, even the Ukraine beating France cannot stop Domenech progressing.


I would have rather it finished a draw to give Scotland still some chance AND the prospect of France going out.


I was celebrating for Italy but I think Scotland have something to build on towards the next World Cup.