Monday, October 29, 2007

Sympathy for the Devil?

I have been having this strange sensation all weekend - well, since Saturday night anyway. It kind of tingles and is definitely something I have never felt before. I can't exactly put my finger on it but, if I had to, I would say that I was actually feeling a bit SORRY FOR JUVE!

The reason for this unwanted emotion was their clash with Napoli at the weekend. Normally, I would be 100% behind the boys from the San Paolo. Anybody who can beat the Bianconeri will do in my eyes. However, the manner of their victory - or, rather, the decisions which led to it - made me feel a bit of pity for La Vecchia Signora.

The story of the game, for those who missed it. Del P gives Juve the second half lead, Napoli equalise through a blistering run and finish from Gargano. Game on, I thought. But then Mr Bergonzi, the referee, decided to give two of the most pathetic penalties I have ever seen. First a perfectly clean Chiellini tackle sent Lavezzi flying and he pointed to the spot. Then Marcelo Zalayeta bit his old team's bottom with a leap that any self-respecting salmon would have been proud of. Another penalty and the game was over.

I actually FELT something during the post-match interviews with Nicola Legrottaglie. I could share his hurt at the injustice of it all. I know, I know, that Juve have kicked other teams in the same way 100 times before. But, still, I would rather they were beaten fair and square - not in this manner.

One team who were beaten fair and square, once again, were Milan. The curse of Serie A and the San Siro continues. How can a team so beautiful one day be so ugly the next? We have mused on this before and will no doubt do so again.

At least Inter were held to a draw in Palermo throwing a lifeline to the chasing pack. The procession of last year looks unlikely and the league table is really shaping up nicely. Fiorentina blew their chance to go second on Sunday night but the game with Genoa quickly descended into a midfield battle with few goalscoring opportunities at either end.


martinobhoy said...

There is nothing more frustrating as a football fan than when incorrect refereeing decisions decide the result of a game.

But sympathy for Juve!? You're obviously mellowing in your old age pal.

Pat said...

Ive always been of the opinion that if you allow bad refereeing decisions to decide a game you didn't play well enough (unless there is match fixing).

I think milan have little problems in every area of the club and when you add them up they start to affect the club in a big way. I think depth is also an issue for Milan. Their bench is woeful.

Anonymous said...

How was Gilardino treated? I thought that header late on where he had to dive away from goal was in. Would have been a sweet goal.
The more he is ill-treated by the rossoneri faithful the more likely it is that he'll be Juve's top scorer in 08/09!

- Juventino

ginkers said...


I know, I must be going soft. I will get back to supporting Empoli against them tonight.


You make a good point but just the same these were outrageous decisions. Milan need all their players back to fitness, then they might be more competitive on two fronts.


He had two good headed attempts, they seemed to take it a bit easier on him. But he would make a great signing for the Bianconeri!

Spangly Princess said...

I'm afraid I thought it was rather funny!

it was as though the ref was trying to make up for all the decisions that had gone in their favour over the last however many years, all at once.

and now Zalayeta's ban has been rescinded too...