Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dumdum Dida in the Doo Doo

It seems that no night for Milan in the Champions League can end without the talk gravitating towards their Brazilian goalkeeper. Once again, he was the centre of attention in Wednesday night's defeat at Celtic Park.

The facts, as they appeared to me, were as follows.

1) A fan got onto the pitch (Celtic will be heavily fined for that).

2) The fan struck Dida (Again, Celtic will be fined even more heavily, maybe a game behind closed doors).

3) Dida set off in chase of the wee Glaswegian but then decided to fall in a heap on the floor as if felled by Mike Tyson.

I was glad to see that Milan as a club quickly disassociated themselves from any thoughts of appealing over this incident - it was simply too comical. However, it does raise further concerns about the big Brazilian. His performances have been so shaky and this is the latest sign of his growing frailty. With all their money, could the European Champions not find anyone better?

On the other front, good game by Lazio. I did not expect them to get anything out of Real Madrid and they remain in with a shout of qualification.


Pat said...

I'd love to see Abbiati between the sticks from January till the end of the year. if he impresses keep him if he doesn't find someone else to replace dida.

I still think Dida is a good player i think he just suffers, as does most of the team, from a lack of any real competition.

Gourcuff was to blame for the second goal but for the most part looked enthusiastic and lively. maybe others would display the same spirit if Ancelotti was willing to alter his starting eleven for any reason other than just injuries.

And how is Gila supposed to find form if he gets 10 minutes off the bench every week. Pippo cant play every game this season so why not take a risk in slump

TrentToffee said...

I laughed and laughed when I first saw it. Then I remembered how serious it could be for Celtic - you never know what those chumps at UEFA are capable of. Credit to the Milan management for quickly stating that they wouldn't be asking for the result to be over-turned.

As for DooDah. It's the begining of the end I hope. And good ridance. We don't need that kind of "sportsman".

martinobhoy said...

We'll get punished and rightly so but I'm hoping our good behaviour over the past few years counts in our favour. Worst case scenario I think would be a game or two behind closed doors.

Red said...

I was surprised to see that you would send Dida to the Pippo Inzaghi school of acting. I always thought the biggest buffoon in football (in terms of acting antics) was Del Piero.

ginkers said...


I think there is a big motivation element to Milan's "crisis". Once the big matches come along they should hit form, just have to hope they are not out of contention for everything by then.


I still put Dida behind Rivaldo and his famous "ball hit me on the knee, fall down clutching my face" performance.


I reckon a game behind closed doors is about the worst it will be, maybe just a heavy fine.


There are so many fine thespians to choose from - Jurgen Klinsmann was a genius too.

BRN SCOZIA said...

Dida is a clown. i would punish both Dida and Celtic similarly.1 game behind closed doors for Celtic and a 1 game ban for Dida.
i really dont think Milan can continue to support this guy after his pathetic actions on Wednesday.
as for the form of the team they really doneed some freshness.Some of that came from Gourcuf.The midfield quartet of Rino,Pirlo,Seedorf and Ambrossini looks rather stale though Im not so sure how to change things. Unfortunately it would appear neither does Ancellotti!