Monday, October 22, 2007

Is it time to call it a crisis?

Following defeat by Empoli in the San Siro on Sunday, is it time to admit the Rossoneri are in a full-scale crisis? I myself drooled at their display against Lazio a couple of weeks ago, thinking they were back on track. But ten points from their opening eight Serie A games tell a different story. Anything other than a win against Shaky Donetsk this week would be disastrous.

Did last year's Champions League triumph mask major shortcomings? Or will it all click once Ronaldo and Pato join the fray? I don't like to make snap judgments on a team, especially one which has won so much. Nonetheless, there is work which needs to be done.

Elsewhere, Roma confirmed everything about their crazy nature with a 4-4 draw with Napoli. While Juve showed a real tough attitude to see off Genoa. It wasn't a great display, but boy did they work hard for it. And, sneaky, sneaky Fiorentina cuffed Siena with a fantastic first half and super goal from Giampaolo Pazzini (happy now Juventino?). Unfair not to mention Inter, too, since they lead the league. They won 1-0 against Reggina.

Grande Pazzo!


Pat said...

When you were supposed to challenge for the title and the leaders have twice as many points as you you are in a crisis.

Its good to stay calm when things aren't going your way, but at some point you need to be honest with yourself and Milan need to accept that they're playing really bad.

ginkers said...

What do you reckon against Shaktar, Pat? I still have faith that Milan can give them a roasting - especially with Dida on the sidelines...

Anonymous said...

That is an absolutely cracking goal! It came onto him very fast but he meant to control it. It didn't just hit him, he opened his chest to receive it. That goal was fantastic. If Ronaldinho had scored that it would have been world news!

Bravo Pazzini!

- Juventino

Pat said...

Im not looking forward to it. Is Empoli really all that much better than Shaktar? or at all better?

I think Kaka needs to perform and Milan need to be purposeful. Despite the fact they always have more possession they have no real focus for their play. They just sort of throw on enough god players to hope one of them produce while the rest try to avoid making too many mistakes and inevitably make huge amount.

I'm almost at the point of hoping this season becomes a catastrophe if it means something at the club might actually change.

Its great to have continuity when your winning but when you're on such a long losing streak you can keep doing the same thing.

TrentToffee said...

I'm with Pat "When you were supposed to challenge for the title and the leaders have twice as many points as you you are in a crisis.". And, I'd bet Ancelotti would trade a good run in Europe for a good run at in Serie 'A'. With exception to Ronaldo they're light weight up front :0) Inzaghi can't do 90, Gilardino is playing w/o confidence, and the other bloke is injured.

For all that, I love it. I'm with Empoli and the little guy. I just wish Inter and Juve were having the same problems.

ginkers said...


I was watching the game live and could hardly believe how he took the goal. The one he set up was not bad either.


I think Milan have done so much they deserve a bit more patience - but not that much more.


I'm 100% behind the underdog, unless they are playing Fiorentina.