Friday, October 05, 2007

Black Thursday

How smart everyone that reads this blog must be. The last poll asked you to predict which Italian team would go furthest in the UEFA Cup and, almost to a man and woman, you said Fiorentina. I didn't imagine you would all be proved right so quickly.

It was a dark night for the Italiani in Europe. It was no surprise to see Empoli's youngsters tumble out in Switzerland but the loss of Sampdoria - having clawed their way through the Intertoto - was harder to take. Even more disappointing was Palermo's exit to unheralded Mlada Boloslev on penalties.

The Viola themselves only made it through after extra-time and spot-kicks. Although that was clearly a conspiracy to leave the Florentines as tired as possible for the visit of Juve on Sunday.


Martha said...

That was my first thought too, Ginkers -- I love Prandelli for playing his first team, but those guys are going to be GASSED for the Juve match. Bugger.

TrentToffee said...

All round it appears that last night was a bit of a thriller on the UEFA cup stage. None more so than at Metalist/Everton which was real ding-dong end-to-end stuff. Those Ruskies were/are a very good team and came within a whisker of the sending the Toffees home. But once again McFadden came to the rescue (he's a good lad).

It was a tough break for Samp though. And for Fiore. At least Everton have the advantage of having their next league match pushed back to Monday night. Why doesn't the same apply to Fiorentina et al ?

Anyway the Juve/Fiore game is C5's live match on Sunday. Looking forward to it. I wonder who's the underdog in this one.

Spangly Princess said...

well done to the Viola, at least someone will be flying the flag for Italy in the Coppa Uefa!

martinobhoy said...

Hey, we're supposed to be the paranoid fans. There might be a copyright problem here :o)

Aussie Romanista said...

A bad round for Italian football in European competition, as the viola were the only Italian team to win, and that was only on penalties.

Apparently there was a foreign team which plays in Italy which won a match, but who really gives a shit?

Milanista said...

Not a good round, as everyone has mentioned but at least Fiornetina are through, though it was expected, they can fly the flag high in the Coppa Uefa. Good luck to la Viola