Sunday, October 14, 2007

Heading for a showdown

Well, it was competent rather than thrilling. Italy beat Georgia 2-0 in Genoa but it was nothing to blog home about. Still, in the circumstances, I don't think it was ever likely to be a classic. Knowing that we had to win after Scotland and France's victories put a bit more pressure on. So, it was never likely to be anything other than a wee bit edgy.

The first half, I thought, was pretty good. A reasonable amount of pressure and a few good chances before Pirlo slotted home a free-kick straight down the middle. What I didn't like was the taking the foot off the gas in the second half. OK, Georgia looked unlikely to score but still, the job was not done until Grosso delivered a lovely second strike late in the game.

It was impossible to judge the defence on this performance. Ambrosini had a great game at the heart of the team. And Toni made a huge difference to the attack. It will all have to be a whole lot better in Scotland next month. Be interesting to see if anything comes out of the friendly with South Africa on Wednesday which might influence Donadoni's thinking for September.


Anonymous said...

I'm not confident of winning in Glasgow. That would see us gone unless we get a favourable result elsewhere....FORZA GEORGIA!!!

- Juventino

Aussie Romanista said...

I don't see why we can't win in Glasgow. We're not world champions for nothing.
GR will you be going to the game?
or is that a silly question?

ginkers said...


I admit I would rather have two results out of three in Italy's favour. Although better still would be for France to somehow balls up against Lithuania and let both teams go through.


It is my intention to be at the game, nerves permitting.

martinobhoy said...

It's a shame the Ukraine v France game isn't on Wednesday. A win for Ukraine could have left us both playing out a convenient draw at Hampden.

Pat said...

Italy have taken 22 points from their last 8 games (24pts). Based on that they are the "form" side of the group.

I think Italy will take the 3 points and that the Ukraine will take a point away from France later in the week.

ginkers said...


Now you are thinking like an Italian, I like it!


At least we can relax on Wednesday and will know what we have to do in the remaining games.