Friday, August 24, 2007

We are off!

Well, after all the anticipation we can finally get under way this weekend. Across Saturday and Sunday two nicely-packed days of ten cracking games. Channel 5 kicks off its coverage with Inter v Udinese on Sunday afternoon but Palermo v Roma on Sunday night is probably the standout fixture.

Plenty of other interest with Juve v Livorno, a Tuscan derby and Genoa v Milan (sad that the death of a fan so many years ago means no Rossoneri will be allowed into the game). As always, full reaction here as soon as I can.

A brief final preview on the teams not already studied.

Udinese: I like the Quagliarella signing and after under-achieving last year they could come back with a bang. Rinaldi's forecast: 6th.

Palermo: I would hope they can build on their great start to the previous campaign but I fear their batty president will not allow it. Rinaldi's forecast: 8th.

Sampdoria: They may well confound me as I drew up my predictions before they signed Cassano but I will stick to my guns. Rinaldi's forecast: 9th.

Torino: Really the Granata should be top half of the table easily but their signings don't impress me much. Rinaldi's forecast: 12th.

Atalanta: I don't believe they will scale the heights of last season, however I would be happy to be proved wrong. Rinaldi's forecast: 13th.

Parma: They could be an exciting, young revelation but it will be hard work for them. Rinaldi's forecast: 14th.

Catania: It was sad the way the whole violence issue overshadowed their great start to last season. Still, it looks like more hard graft this term. Rinaldi's forecast: 17th.

Cagliari: Sunk without Suazo. Rinaldi's forecast: 18th.

Siena: Trouble in Tuscany. Rinaldi's forecast: 19th.

Reggina: No escape this time. Rinaldi's forecast: 20th.

* Supporters of all teams please note, I am notoriously useless at predicting anything...

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