Sunday, August 26, 2007

A stirring start

We kept harping on about how good Serie A was going to be with the big boys back but there was always a nagging doubt. On the evidence of week one's games, we needn't have worried.

First up was Lazio v Torino which was made the more interesting by Torino going ahead through a delightful Rosina chip and Lazio's defence being in a state of emergency. Still, we were treated to a decent match with the usual Pandev and Rocchi goals for the Laziali before the very interesting Vailatti grabbed an equaliser.

Then up stepped the Vecchia Signora to demolish Livorno. The result was maybe a bit harsh on the Tuscans (5-1) but nobody was going to deny the Bianconeri on their return. With Trezeguet grabbing three and Iaquinta a couple there was plenty for the home fans to cheer.

On Sunday, I watched Fiorentina huff and puff for a half before finally knocking down stuffy Empoli while Julio Cesar was committing hari-kari for Inter and getting sent off to let Udinese snatch a draw late in the game. By that stage, Milan had already slapped three past Genoa to ensure a strong start to the campaign for them. Elsewhere, important away wins for Cagliari and Sampdoria caught the eye.

The night game was probably the best of the lot. Roma went to Sicily and put on a scintillating show for the first 45 minutes. They were 2-0 up but could have been further clear. Then Palermo swapped things about and came out all guns blazing. They were unlucky not to get at least one goal but the Giallorossi stood firm. It was a fine way to end my first weekend back on Serie A watch - may they all be this entertaining.

The best thing of all, to my mind, was that young Italian players were among the stand-outs. First Alessandro Rosina scored a lovely lob for Torino, then Riccardo Montolivo outdid him for Fiorentina and finally Alberto Aquilani scored a screamer against Palermo. All in all, the future looks good for the Azzurri.


Pat said...

I thought Dida looked solid for Milan. Id love it if he was back to top form although i wont hold my breath.

Good opening round.

Hopefully Inter continue to stumble, What was Julio Cesar thinking?!?

Antonio Gurrado said...

I didn't realize Inter started this year with a two points deduction.


martinobhoy said...

And it's great to see Italian football back on UK television on a Sunday afternoon even if it is shoddy old Channel 5.

Although the presence of Laura Esposto does make the amateur set up more than bearable :o)

Keving said...

It was nice to see Inter revert to type, long may it continue....

TrentToffee said...

After 20 mins I thought Inter were going to win comfortably. And, overall, they probably should have, even though they looked a little exposed at the back, at times. Poor old Julio (Cesar), he got his timing wrong completely.

I thought the C5 commentry was decent. Better than the twerps that the BBC offer (Motson, Lawrenson, Shearer and co). And Laura is quite cute to.

ginkers said...


I think Dida will have tougher games (hopefully starting Monday night) but Milan need him in good form to be a force in Serie A this year.


They had to be penalised somehow.


I concur completely on your C5 views. Although it always takes time for a programme to "find its voice".


It was a return to the old way for Inter, right enough.


Certainly too early to write Inter off, they would surely have won 11 v 11 and came close with ten men.

I can only imagine the thought process in a brief instant with Julio Cesar. Are you better 1-0 up with 10 men or 1-1 with 11. Most professionals seem to go for the former.

Aussie Romanista said...

The best result of the season so far....
BARCA 5 - inter di merda 0
joy to my eyes!

and they almost played the entire first serie A match of the season with all stranieri, but for Julio Cesar getting sent off and Toldo taking his place.