Friday, August 17, 2007

Countdown to the new season - Part Two

Tuscany has never had it so good with four teams in Serie A again this season. They all have different hopes and expectations, having pretty much flourished last term. Here is my forecast for what lies in store. Remember, just over a week to go now!

Siena: It was a long, hard battle last season to survive by the skin of their teeth. I fear, however, that this time around the competition looks too strong. I like the strike force of Maccarone and Chiesa but I believe the support behind them may not be enough. I think the dreams of the Palio town are over. Rinaldi's forecast: 19th.

Livorno: A real surprise package of recent times, I believe the bubble will burst this season. The loss of Lucarelli is a big one both in terms of goals and influence. And, ultimately, the volatile nature of their president must take its toll. Hopefully the Tavano/Tristan partnership can gel nicely but, if not, their drop could be rapid. Rinaldi's forecast: 16th.

Empoli: They have already over-achieved by getting into European competition and that might be a hard burden to take. Just the same, they have shown in recent times they know how to get the best out of their resources. Maybe not the revelation of last year but still solid. Rinaldi's forecast: 10th.

Fiorentina: There are a lot of unknowns making the Viola hard to judge. On the one hand, their form of recent seasons suggests a top four finish but, on the other, they have lost Luca Toni. That puts extra pressure on Adrian Mutu and Giampaolo Pazzini - not to mention Bobo Vieri. Still, the rest of the team remains intact with a few interesting young additions. I think they might go close to the Champions League placings but not quite make it. Rinaldi's forecast: 5th.


TrentToffee said...

It would be a shame to see Siena drop. A lovely town. I love the way the all of the dogs howl at the church/cathedral bells when they chime :0)

It's gonna be tough for Empoli, but good luck to them.

Steven said...

I don't think a lot of people will miss Siena in Serie A. Seriously, apart from Frick en Manninger, what do they ahve to show for? They're battling relegation almost every year, few people show up to their games and they don't have a real heritage in Serie A. It's like Chievo II. I'd much rather see Bologna or Brescia return.

For Livorno, my hopes are also very small. Tavano might go back to his form at Empoli, but there he at least had Almiron to back him up. Who's there at Livorno? Tristan might be gettin' way too old, and they will definitely miss Cris.

Empoli won't be able to follow up on what they did this year, but that's what people said last year as well, when they lost Tavano. I see them running with the pack this year, with some spectacular wins maybe.

martinobhoy said...

Lets hope we get that top 4 finish Ginkers. Forza Viola!

ginkers said...


I think I'm more with Steven on this one, although Siena is a lovely place. As a team, though, they wont be much missed.


You know I only said fifth out of superstition! Ale Viola!