Thursday, August 02, 2007

Stroll for Suazo

Any doubts you might have had about David Suazo's potential impact at Inter were dispelled to a degree last night. His blistering pace put at the service of a quality team helped to rip Man Utd apart in front of their own fans.

Now, it all carries the proviso that this was just a friendly and you can't judge anything from them. Just the same the Honduran hitman looked very impressive in the first half of the game. At one point he burned past Vidic forcing him to drag him to the ground. His cool finish of his second goal was also a joy.

The same could not be said for the chubby, unhappy Brazilian who replaced him up front. What has happened to Adriano? He used to be a force of nature, brushing defenders aside and battering the ball into the net for fun. Now he shambles around the field missing sitters and generally looking fed-up if his teammates don't give him the ball.

Every time he got the ball last night, he lost it. I don't know if it is his pay packet which forces Inter to keep him but how much more patience can they have? With Cruz, Crespo, Suazo and Ibrahimovic to pick from I can't believe he will feature in anything other than the Coppa Italia. A move would surely be good for all concerned.


TrentToffee said...

Adriano is toast. Inter are going to take some stopping next season. They appear to have finally acquired a steely centre to them. They're likely to batter all put before them (with a couple of exceptions). I just don't see them stumbling, where others might. With apologies to AR :0)

Aussie Romanista said...

Well you're expecting it tnow so...
Batter all put before them?? You need to have a good long hard look at yourself Trent!
There's a popular saying in Italy: "L'Inter e` sempre l'Inter". In other words... same shit, different season.

ginkers said...

Inter's big test will be to do well in Europe, I reckon. Their fans would happily settle for a Champs League final even if it meant missing out on the title.

This season will tell us a lot about how good they really are. Although I think the effects of the Calciopoli penalties will take another year to fully wear off.

TrentToffee said...

"Although I think the effects of the Calciopoli penalties will take another year to fully wear off." I totally agree.

AR, you're right, I was expecting it. But I wasn't intending to provoke ;o) Here's another one. I like Roma's early season fixture list. Seriously. Get into the big boys early I say. Get a few results and shake them up a bit.

Martha said...

Watching Adriano just gets sadder and sadder; if he's not buried on the bench once the season starts, there's something unrelated to football keeping him in the team.

Suazo looks amazing -- I remember when Inter signed him, people were criticizing his choice of club because there were so many strikers already on the team. Little did we know he and Ibra would be looking like automatic first choices so soon.

Aussie Romanista said...

Agree, Juve need another year to keep rebuilding. I hope the kids shine in A. But Inter won't win the scudetto and no chance of the CL. Just cos they suck.

I'm with you. I love Roma's fixture list. We perform better against the best sides and always drop points against the weak which ends up costing us the scudetto. But it's typically Romano (or Roma) to complain about the world being against them. Instead they should be saying "ok, watch this!...". Good chance to get on a roll i reckon.

Pat said...

Give me Pato over Suazo any day - oh they did give him to us.

ginkers said...


It just shows how funny the football gods can be. A few seasons ago Adriano looked destined to be a superstar - he needs to move on to try to recapture his form somehow.


I hope you are right, I would like to see the Scudetto shared around about in the years to come. It hasn't been to Florence for a while...


I am looking forward to seeing Pato in action but, like with all youngsters, he has to be a significant gamble. Definitely one worth taking, mind you!

Anonymous said...

AR: You hope the kids shine? The Juve kids? They've all been sent away on loan to Empoli and the like! It's a disgrace.

I'll be surprised if any of them ever play for Juve in Serie A! I'd be delighted to go through a couple seasons of mid-table finishes and to not make the Champions League for five years if we could build a quality team based on the kids (Chiellini, Palladino, Marchisio, Paro, Piccolo, Giovinco, De Ceglie, Venitucci etc) who did the job, or had a bit of a run, for us in B last season.

I'd even happily sacrifice Buffon, Nedved, Camoranesi and Trezeguet to see it happen. Instead they've all demanded, and received, pay-rises as the club struggles to get up off the floor, and they're signing, linked to or chasing every foreigner available.

Balzaretti has been sacrificed instead: a player so in love with Juve that he wrote an open letter to the club and the fans after being shafted. That's the type of person and player that should be cherished.

Add that to the disgraceful treatment of Deschamps, and I can't help but find this new administration of Juventus very unlikeable.

Anyway, my point: There are no kids at Juve!

- Juventino