Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Il calcio che conta...

Two pieces of good news. First of all, meaningful football returns tonight as far as Italian teams are concerned with Lazio seeking progress in the Champions League. Kind-hearted Phillipe Mexes has done his bit for capital relations by saying something along the lines of "I hope they go out!". Personally, I think it will be tough for Delio Rossi's men - I see them weaker than last season - but I hope they can sneak through.

The second piece of good news is Antonio Cassano's return to Italy - namely Sampdoria. I admit I am surprised at the club but it is great to have him back in Serie A. If they can handle his temperamental talent he could make them at least UEFA Cup contenders. If not, he will at least give us some exciting headlines when he stomps off the training ground ... again.


Pat said...

i hope cassano realises he's running out of chances and makes the most of his time at Samp.

Lazio made it very hard for themselves this morning. I hope they make it to the group stage.

Anonymous said...

Two Romanians stabbed by Lazio fans...the new season of Italian football is here.

- Juventino

ginkers said...

The Lazio v Bucharest game was typical of the Biancocelesti. They did not look fully match ready and got stung by an amazing header.

Then they fought back well but ran out of steam and Behrami made a suicidal challenge which resulted in a red card. There is no way it was a game worth three red cards and countless yellows but I have seen that big chubby Scandinavian in charge before and he likes to be the centre of attention.

Sadly, there was trouble before the game but it seems, at least, there was nothing inside the ground. These are the small consolations I seek.