Monday, April 30, 2007

Two sides of a city

Sunday night's party for Inter eventually went as planned but not without Empoli causing them a few scares. The Tuscans were well up for the game and highly unlucky to go in at half-time a goal down. They equalised in the second period but that seemed to get the Nerazzurri angry and in the end they dismissed their visitors' challenge. Just the same, a UEFA Cup place would be just reward for Empoli this term. At the end of the game, for those who waited, we were treated to the Marco Materazzi karaoke. It was strangely gripping television as he seemed to just go through the Inter team and sing out their names in a dreadfully off-tune manner.

Of course, there is tension on the other side of the city too. Could the Rossoneri steal some of Inter's limelight by recording an amazing result against Man Utd? The English side put down their marker with a storming comeback against Everton while Milan edged past Torino. There is cause to believe that Milan have hit about their best form of the season but whether it will be enough remains to be seen. It would rival anything they have achieved before if they did get there.

I wanted to post something about the Rome derby too but it seems that fear was the main winner there. Neither side wanted to lose and compromise what has been a good season for both teams. I have recorded the game but don't know if there was enough in it to give me an incentive to watch the action...


TrentToffee said...

Stroming comeback ?! Storming comeback ?! Alex Ferguson should send Iain Turner (the Everton keeper) a great big thankyou card. He was awful :o( Come to think of it, he should send one to Phil Neville as well).

Everton at 2-0 up were in control and had Man Utd contained. Then two absolute howlers by Turner let Man U back into the game. Worse still, at 2-2 Everton left acres of space at the back for Rooney/Ronaldo/Giggs to run into at will. After that total and utter capitulation by Everton. It was no surprise when Man U's 3rd and 4th went in (and they were a bit soft as well). I could have blubbed.

Come on Milan, stick it up these Red sods.

TT :0(

Pat said...

Credit where its due, collapse or no, Man U did well to win the weekends game and all but seal up the premier league.

However, i was again glad to see that after an early flurry Man U were average until Everton took the foot of the pedal.

Hopefully Milan were watching and, if they didn't learn it when they played man u, realise that you just have to keep the pressure on Man U till the referee finishes blowing his whistle.

martinobhoy said...

Of course it would be the ultimate "get it right up ye" to your neighbours if just after they became champions of the country, you became champions of Europe.

Anonymous said...

Re the Rome derby, the first half was pretty much two teams cancelling each other out, but the 2nd was dominated by Roma with Lazio camped in their penalty area. Wilhelmsson played well and was unlucky when he came on, Totti was MIA.

I could have written this article:
Don slams foreign policy.


ginkers said...


I thought that might touch a nerve, sorry! It certainly seems that Man Utd get their share of goalkeeping blunders in their favour. I echo your final statement entirely.


I think we all know how Milan need to play, it is just a question of whether they can manage it. If they can take control of the game then nothing is impossible. If they lose their grip, they will go out.


So true, so very true.


I wondered who you would like to see brought in to strengthen the Roma squad? The base is there to build a great team but what areas need most urgent action?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Cesare Bovo back. I liked him. It's time for Panucci to hang the boots up and Cassetti isn't much but he might improve, but Leandro Rosi is classy and should be starting every game. Tavano was a one hit wonder with Empoli, can't see him picking up where he left off but if he was given some consistent playing time then you never know.
I'd be happy for Totti to go or retire but it won't happen yet. He obviously still has a lot of quality when he wants to show up but Roma's reliance on him is detrimental to the team. The player I'd like to have at all costs is Quagliarella. He should be bought and told to do whatever he wants on the park. I'd like to see Okaka given more of a chance. He reminds me a bit of Martens (Inter/Newcastle).
Possibly Saviola? I don't know how he'd go in Italy but he might be available and he is a quality player.
Enzo Maresca if he wants to come back to Italy. I think he'd go well with De Rossi in the middle. Under rated in my opinion.
Curci instead of Doni. He's the under 21 Azzurri keeper and reminds me of Buffon at his age.
I think Lucarelli still has a couple good seasons in him and he wants to leave Livorno. He'd score goals without a doubt.
I'd like Fabio Grosso.
All this is without giving much thought to formation and tactics I admit.

As for areas that need strengthening, up front is obvious. We need a Rooney-like goal scorer.
I don't like the Chivu-Mexes pairing. Bot of them are fairies and over rated in my opinion. Too many crucial mistakes when it matters. But I don't know who there is to replace them. Romanisti and the club love them though.
Maybe I'll have to scour the market and give it more thought.

Scott said...

I like Bovo and Rosi too - both look quality youngsters, should be given a game.

Disagree about Mexes. I think he's a brilliant player, doesn't make too many mistakes nowadays... Never really rated Chivu though. Could move him to the left and put Bovo/Ferrari in the middle.

Anonymous said...

Bovo went to Palermo, and if I remember correctly they've loaned him somewhere else to get some form after he was injured?? So he's no longer a Roma player. I think it was one of those co-owned deals between Roma and Palermo, and Palermo offered more in the blind auction. (Someone else may know).

Ginkers, what would be your answer to that question?
You'd be happy with Lucarelli but not in place of Toni. If he goes to Bayern it will be embarassing. We smash them in the world cup (& Milan in the CL) then he goes there. Could there be a more obvious example of the decline of calcio? I hope it's just a false rumour.

ps. 1:28PM post was from me too!