Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Gattuso Factor

All I asked was a result which left Milan with a chance of qualification so I suppose I should be happy. That wasn't exactly how I felt at the 91st minute but, after a bad night's sleep (I kept seeing that Brocchi bungle) you have to say 3-2 away gives the Rossoneri a chance.

From a neutral point of view it was a cracking game. The usual Dida blunder gave Man Utd the lead but, unlike Roma, they did not fold and used all their experience (and an inspired Kaka) to go 2-1 ahead. To my mind, this was when Milan were playing their best stuff and early in the second half could have grabbed a third goal. Instead, Rino Gattuso limped off and fatigue set in which handed the initiative to the home side. An equaliser also put extra spring in Cristiano Ronaldo's stepovers but I think a 2-2 draw would have been a fairer result.

Still, credit to Man Utd for pushing right until the end and getting the winner. It should make for a cracking return in the San Siro. If Kaka stays in this form, if we get 90 minutes from Rino and if Gilardino gets some kind of support it could go our way. Nesta, by the way, was outstanding, I thought, back to his very best. A great Euro night and still a chance to stop the nightmare - an all English final.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you can say that any of your defenders were outstanding when you concede three goals. Nesta got nowhere near Rooney on either of his goals (though Dida deserves much of the blame for all three goals), and he an Bonera seem to have no cohesion at all.

Still, with 2 away goals, it's not a bad result at all. I expect that Milan will get through.

- Juventino

TrentToffee said...

It's a bit harsh to blame Dida for Rooney's late winner. It was a great strike and he struck it early, which was the key. Conversely, a better keeper than Van Der Sar might have got a hand on Kaka's first goal. Let's face it neither keeper are the players they once were.

It's set up nicely for the 2nd leg. I just hope it's as good as the first. I make no predictions in this tournament. I've been surprised to often to do that.

BRN SCOZIA said...

Im not so sure Nesta was as immense as some say.Could have been at fault for both of Shreks goals.Dida will just not do Im afraid.Turning point was Gatusso going off but what was Brochi playing at?
On a happy note there was no trouble at all.Both sets of fans did there teams proud though it might have been overkill to keep us in the stadium for almost an hour after full time.

Venezian said...

I thought Nesta was great - you can't really blame him for the second and third goals - and if you're going to I think a share of the blame would have to be taken by Dida and especially Brocchi. To do so would also be to forget all the good stuff he did - tackling Rooney and Ronaldo on several occasions.

Gattuso leaving the pitch changed the game - the good news is that he is supposed to be fit for the 2nd leg.

It won't be easy, but I still think Milan can do it. I certainly hope so anyway...!

Brian said...

As I've said already, 3-2 away 1-0 at home, it was good enough for the Bhoys let's hope Milan can do the same.

God how you missed Rino when he went off!!!

ginkers said...


I was still impressed with the way Nesta played. Dida shoulders the blame for the first and Brocchi for the last so realistically he might only have stopped the second. I wish I was as confident about progressing...


I can only blame Dida for the first goal. He is a frustrating figure, makes some great saves but mixes it with glaring bungles. I think his biggest problem is not knowing when to come off his line. He seems reluctant to do so and when he does, more often than not, mistimes it. Certainly the return should be another cracker.


Again, I thought given the time he has been out Nesta was highly impressive. Glad there was no crowd trouble, hope it is the same in Milan.


As you say, Rino was a key factor. Man Utd might have taken the initiative anyway but it certainly helped them out. The best thing about Milan's performance overall was that they kept their cool despite going behind early on. They will need the same measured approach in the return match.


I would happily settle for an old Inzaghi toe-poke in the 92nd minute to win it 1-0. And I'm loving all these Bhoys praising Rino!!!

Scott said...

I don't think you can blame Nesta for either goals personally.

For the first Rooney goal, Oddo was at fault for playing him onside. And the 2nd goal, I can only blame Dida for poor positioning or Brocchi for giving the ball away from their own throw in!

martinobhoy said...

Add another Bhoy to the Rino Fan Club. But you already knew that anyway.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Buffon would have conceded the third like that. Rooney was far enough away and wide enough for Buffon to cover his near post in that situation. Dida is not up to it.
Now that I've said that, he'll probably do something crazy like be the match winner in the 2nd leg!
Milan don't have much choice with another accident-prone keeper on the bench in Kalac.
Nesta was nothing special without Maldini next to him. The good things that he did are the things that you would expect him to do. It's a CL semi final, you expect him to have the ability to go beyond that now.
Inzaghi has to play.

Pat said...

I thought Nesta has been great but that every time he gets caught out so does Dida.

Ancelotti's tactical decisions need to be criticised again as I think they played much too deep and didn't close down Man U attacks quick enough. With the frailties of our defence we need to hold the ball and thats Milan at their best anyway.

What's with the doubt Ginkers?? Milan 3-1

Keep the faith!!

ginkers said...


Oddo is prone to the odd error of judgment which is always a concern. While Dida is just so erratic it is hard to watch sometimes.


Gattuso would look good in green and white wouldn't he?


Of course, Buffon would have made a better job but he is arguably the best keeper in the world. Dida has his flaws - the main one decision-making I think - but hopefully he can set things straight on the return. Milan need Pippo right enough or better support for Gilardino.


I am just a pessimist at heart but deep down I think I saw enough this week to suggest that reaching the final is not beyond Milan.