Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Scudetto Stroll and Euro 2012

Well, tonight's the night for Inter. Almost certainly they will grab their first Scudetto won on the field of play for nearly 20 years. But how much, exactly, is it worth? One of their main rivals was taken out of the league while another was penalised several points. In addition they were able to cherry pick the best players from their stricken opponents. They have been ruthless and they have played some good football but it is widely recognised that it will only be next year that they can truly call themselves champions.

Elsewhere, Euro 2012 has gone to Poland and Ukraine ahead of Italy. Who knows whether recent violence cost the bid dearly. I suppose it is grudgingly nice for new nations to get a major competition. Certainly we have had our chances. Just the same it would be nice to see some of our stadia get an upgrade in the not too distant future.

And what is this about 100 milioni for Ronaldinho? Has Berlusconi gone cuckoo?


Pat said...

On the Inter issue, I want say anything to detract from their success but if it were Milan in their position I'd still be proud. The trophy still looks the same.

On Euro 2012, I've never been to Poland and Ukraine but I was lead to believe they had the weakest infrastructure. Germany 2006 was a success because of infrastructure, I hope P-U can follow Germany's example.

On Ronaldinho, I don't think he will be arriving on the peninsula any time soon. In fact, I’m in another pessimistic mood and I can see Kaka at Madrid next season

Anonymous said...

I'm pissed off because it would have been an opportunity for me to experience a major tournament in my beloved Italy. But Italy doesn't realistically deserve it. Shambles of a country, full of mafia-style corruption from top to bottom, and calcio is so far up the shit which sickens me.
I hope this kick in the teeth will somehow turn in to a positive for Italian football, re stadia/violence etc, but I doubt it.

On Inter, you read my post from your previous blog. They suck dog's balls in my correct opinion. They should go and play in the Polish or Ukranian 3rd division.

Materazzi can celebrate his cardboard scudetto which is greater than the world cup for him.

- Aussie Romanista

Red said...

Can I be my Italian self for a minute (ie, a bad loser) and blame it on something/someone other than inadequate stadiums, corruption and crowd-control issues? I say it's all Platini's machiavellian work...

martinobhoy said...

Inter will turn round and say it isn't their fault Juve got relegated or that Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio were docked points so why shouldn't they celebrate it and I have to say I agree with that point of view.

The big disappointment was how easily they crashed out of Europe though.

Spangly Princess said...

HA! so much for almost certainly! we may not have been able to stop them winning it but at least they're not going to do it on our watch. *happy*

TrentToffee said...

"suck dogs balls" , nice one :oD

You have have to feel a pang of pity for Moratti as you chuckle up your sleeves. Having spent Gazillions over the past decade in trying to buy the Scudetto, here we are pissing on his parade when he's finally got his hands on it. However, when you've started the campaign with a distinct advantage over your nearest rivals, then clearly the achievment is tarnished. Sorry Pat but I have to disagree, the trophy is a different colour this season.

It's no bad thing that Eastern Europe gets a taste of holding a big tournament. I suspect that their stadiums aren't up to scratch. But that might trigger some investment. It won't bother me too much if England don't qualify either. If it passes off peacefully then it'll be a success of some sort.

As for Ronaldihno ! I can't imagine that anyone would want to spend a quarter of that amount on a goofy, fat, lazy, show pony. It would be sheer f*cking madness to spend that amount of money on one player. No matter what his *perceived* marketability ! Sorry for the rant. But, the ridiculous transfer fees and inflated salaries (and those parasitic agent bastards) that go around football today are killing the game in the lower divisions.


ginkers said...


It is true, I probably would not be grumbling if it was Fiorentina winning the Scudetto in this manner.


Once again, a pure class comment, if a little derogatory to Inter.


I suspect we dont have many friends in high places once again. Nothing new there then.


As you know, Inter have made a habit of letting us down on the Euro front.


It was great to see one in the eye for Inter. Might even bode well for next season. I thought their fans were a joke - imagine jeering a team which is still going to give you the first Scudetto in nearly 20 years.


I think there will be a hollow ring to Inter's celebrations when they come. Deep down even they know this is only half a Scudetto.

It certainly would be nice if Poland and Ukraine saw some investment on the back of Euro 2012.

And you are totally right on the money front. A dose of reality on the wages would be no bad thing.

* (asterisk) said...

"Has Berlusconi gone cuckoo?" Um, well, he didn't have far to go...

ginkers said...


Very true, it is one of the shortest journeys on the map...