Monday, April 16, 2007

At last someone goes for Inter

After a season of largely watching Inter stroll to the title it was both nice and surprising to see Palermo have a right good go at them at the weekend. It was a real turnaround for the Rosanero who have been in freefall since losing Amauri to injury. They were back to their best in a first half which saw them go 2-0 up and have what looked like a perfectly good third chalked off for a dubious foul.

Credit to the Nerazzurri, too, however. They turned up the heat in the second half and when they got one back they were always going to get two. It was just a surprise that they didn't push on to get the winner. Perhaps they had Wednesday's clash with Roma in mind.

The Palermo performance makes the Champions League placings situation a little less clear. I had presumed they would drop out making way for, most probably, Milan. However, it now looks like Inter, Roma and Lazio could yet be joined by the Sicilians. That might yet leave the Rossoneri looking at the UEFA Cup along with the likes of Fiorentina and Empoli. So, while the Scudetto might be over by Wednesday night there are still a few issues to be deciced.


Pat said...

I've got my money on 4th spot coming down to the result in the Milan - Fiorentina match.

Antonio Gurrado said...

I'm an italian visiting student in Oxford for this term and an ancient reader of Football (now Calcio) Italia since the first time I came to England, in 2001. I also write on an italian football webmagazine and so I devoted today's article to your magazine. Here is the link:

Hope you enjoy! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well Inter is about to win a meaningless scudetto, but hopefully not against us at least.
Not just saying that for sour grapes reasons, I said before the season kicked off that this season's Serie A was meaningless without Juve, who would have won it, and with the points penalties. Of all scudetti in history this is the one you'd care least about not winning. And before anyone replies with "you wouldn't say that if Roma won it", yes I would. I said it at the start of the season and I'd stand by it now even if Roma had won it. I'd accept it but not celebrate it.
But being meaningless and being that Inter of all teams win the meaningless one, I hope they celebrate longer and harder than they ever have, and I hope they truely convince or delude themselves that it's such a great achievement to be a team of foreig primadonnas beating a mediocre league of also-rans (including my own team).
Bring back Juve asap!
- Aussie Romanista

ginkers said...


I am too superstitious to see that one but it was good news for the Viola that Milan stayed in the Champions League as it keeps them concentrated on that competition too.


Thanks for popping by, I will check out the article soon.


I agree that this year has been devalued and next year will be too in European terms anyway. I never thought I would miss Juve but they would at least have given Inter a hard time AND provided us with another credible Euro challenger.

TrentToffee said... on Aussie Romanista. Before the season started this Scudetto was devalued.

Love em or hate em, Serie 'A' misses Juve.