Thursday, April 12, 2007

Solo contro gli inglesi

Well, there was some medicine to aid recovery from the Roma disaster. Milan travelled to Germany and overcame Bayern Munich to ensure they are now the only team that can prevent an English victory in the Champions League. It will be the focus of my prayers between now and the semi-finals.

It was all about experience on Wednesday night. They might be old but, by God, the Rossoneri have been there, done it and got exclusive selling rights on the T-Shirts when it comes to European competition. Of all the Italian sides they are the ones who have let us down least on the continental stage. Juve, Inter and everyone else don't stand comparison.

Carlo Ancelotti got the tactics perfect and soaked up a little early pressure before old chubby thighs, Clarence Seedorf, produced a brilliant low strike. Then he threaded a backheel to Pippo Inzaghi - dubbed the King of the Divers by the Germans - who finished in style (he was offside, but hey, who cares?).

The old legs did struggle towards the end as Bayern threw everything - including Oliver Kahn's hairpiece - in their direction. Still, Nesta, Maldini and Co held firm to get through to face Manchester United. I don't know if that is a blessing really, given the pounding they gave Roma. However, you have got to be in it to win it and this would be the sweetest ever triumph for Milan if they could see off the supposed might of the Premiership.


martinobhoy said...

And with the green and white tinted specs on it is good to see that two sides that Celtic matched over 4 matches are in the semi-final.

I'll be digging out my AC Milan scarf for the semi-final and hopefully the final as well.

Spangly Princess said...

it makes me feel a trifle queasy but forza i rossoneri

BRN SCOZIA said...

Fantastic show by Milan.Coming in to a bit of form and playing consistently well too.Seems also that Carlo has got the rotation just about right.
see you all at Old Trafford!

Anonymous said...

A perfect ITALIAN performance.
If I had a Milan shirt I would wear it.
Forza Milan!
All Italians should be behind them regardless of which team they support.
- Aussie Romanista

Spangly Princess said...

I've got to say, I've never really bought that whole 'you should support other Italian/English/whatever clubs in Europe' argument. I mean, why should you? and how? I mean, how do you hate someone for 95% of their games then suddenly support them in Europe? if someone asked me to support Lazio or Spurs in Europe they'd get short fucking shrift I can tell you.

ginkers said...


I think I will dig out my old Ruud Gullit wig for the semi!


I hope Milan are finally hitting form because they will need to if they hope to beat Man Utd.

Aussie Romanista

I for one will be 100% behind them and if they get knocked out will take no further interest.


I think we might have had this discussion before. I reckon it depends where you live. When I was in Italy for a year I only wanted Fiorentina to win and was happy when the rest got knocked out. But, back in Scotland, I felt the need to stand up for the country as a whole and even found myself backing Juve (unforgiveable to a true Viola).

Hence why it is probably easier for myself and the Aussie to give our backing to the Italian team regardless of their colours.