Monday, May 15, 2006

A little light relief

In amongst all the angst for the latest scandal to rock Italian football let's take a moment to honour my nomination for best banner of the season. It came on the last day of the campaign at Chievo-Fiorentina and was dedicated to home coach Bepi Pillon who had shaved off his whiskers to celebrate reaching the UEFA Cup.

"Bepi," it said. "My mother-in-law has shaved off her moustache too!"

Maybe not PC, but priceless. Dai, ridiamoci su...


martinobhoy said...

Nah, best one was at the Fiorentina v Milan game at the Artemio Franchi for Rui Costa that said something along the lines of

"Distance cannot change the feelings in your heart."

Profound and priceless.

Best one in Scotland was the Aberdeen fans against Rangers - "Agent McLeish, mission accomplished. Return to base."

Spangly Princess said...

there have been some pretty good Moggi/Juve ones too of late.

I liked the 'Tim summer tariff Juve special: piu chiami, piu vinci'

ginkers said...

That was the Curva Fiesole if I'm not mistaken - pure class.