Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Did I do wrong?

I admit it, I couldn't bring myself to watch the Champions League final. Firstly, because I can't stand listening to English commentators ramble on about their own teams. And secondly, because I can't stand to hear them going all weak at the knees when Ronaldinho gets the ball.

I can probably guess a few themes running through the punditry. I can't believe they got through the night without mentioning Liverpool in Istanbul. I wouldn't be surprised if they had Ronaldinho's Brazil meeting England in the World Cup final. And I bet it was a shame that Henrik Larsson never tested himself in the Premiership. If I didn't get at least one right out of that I will eat my Fiorentina hat.

In some sections of the media it was billed as the dream final. Although I don't understand quite why. Certainly Barcelona are a powerful side, Liga champions and all that. But Arsenal? They finished fourth in the Premiership. Call me old fashioned but I still like to see a league champion win the top European title.

Of course, this is all sour grapes because no Italian team got there. It's a lot clearer now why Juve are half the team in Europe that they are in Serie A but I think Milan could have competed. There's always next year although lord knows who will be representing us. Roll on the World Cup.


Spangly Princess said...

*stares glumly into middle distance*

I knew we weren;t going to win, of course. and as soon as Lehmann was off, I was kind of comforted by the certainty of our defeat. but then we scored. and then we hung on til 20 minutes from time. and I was just beginning to let myself secretly hope. bastards.

martinobhoy said...


The commentators lived up to expectation. When an English side loses either blame a scapegoat in the English team e.g. Beckham v Argentina or Seaman v Brazil or blame the ref e.g. Maradona in 86.

This time they went for the ref and ignored the fact that Barca had a perfectly good goal disallowed and that Arsenal scored from a free kick that was never a foul.

As for Henrik well this was a man we were questioned on whether he could perform in the over hyped Premiership.

Who knows because he never played there but he was the best player tonight on a pitch that had Henry and Ronaldinho on it. Even Thierry Henry recognised that (and fair play to you Thierry).

a.c.t said...

On seeing Barca's goal again it was definitely offside and Henry should never have been booked. Neither side showed any brilliance - it was totally disappointing.

martinobhoy said...

.......apart from Henrik Larsson.

ginkers said...

As I say, I barely saw a kick of the ball but the consensus seems to be the red card set the tone for the game. Arsenal on the defensive, Barcelona not brilliant enough to break them down until Larsson unlocked things.

No Italians, no party...