Monday, May 15, 2006

A hollow sound

Even the most ardent Juventino would have to admit it was a sorry end to the Scudetto race on Sunday. Their title celebrations were most definitely overshadowed by events off the pitch. Even the festivities for the 20,000 or so Viola fans who travelled to Chievo to watch them get into the Champions League had a question mark hanging over them. And Lazio, too, must wonder whether they will get their UEFA prize.

The sad fact is that the very thing that most of us joked about for years - that ref's helped out Juve - may well have been true. It really takes the heart out of following Serie A when you hear just how deep the problem is alleged to have gone. I have no great fondness for the Bianconeri but I still want to say "Say it ain't so...".

I don't like the idea of giving out league titles to teams who finished third or whatever other solutions might be proposed. Better that nobody gets the crown and we start again from scratch. The biggest thing is to sort it all out quickly. The longer it drags on, the lower the reputation of Italian football sinks.


martinobhoy said...


At least Italy is tackling the problem. In Scotland we just laugh it off and say "these things even themselves out" when Rangers get a dodgy decision and the ref/linesman turns out to be a Rangers supporter.

In my (admittedly biased) view Celtic would be celebrating their 6th consecutive league title this season if it hadn't been for officials helping out their favourite team in blue.

Hope to see the Viola boys at Celtic Park in the Champions League next season.

martinobhoy said...

The other thing is that although we do joke about Juve and the refs you do have to look at the number of titles Juve have won compared to Milan.

Then consider the relative success of both clubs in Europe where the refs should be neutral.

Granted it's a simplistic argument but you would think that a side not far off 30 Serie A titles would have been far more successful on the European stage.

Spangly Princess said...

the reaction of the players & fans to juve's results - and the way they're refereed - in europe is always interesting, yes.

but this kind of corruption-induced-depression is endemic here since whatever part of life you look at its dirty. losing faith? who has any to lose?