Monday, May 08, 2006

I think it's all over

After Sunday's results it's time to admit it. Like it or not (and you know my feelings), Juve will pick up Scudetto 29 in a week's time. They haven't been brilliant but they've been the best over the season. Milan threw in a few too many wobblers throughout the year and Inter - well, let's not even go there.

I just can't see Reggina troubling the Bianconeri. Especially when they have to play the game in Bari and, presumably, with a referee still meeting Mr Moggi's approval (a little bit of politics, eh?). On the evidence of the game against Fiorentina, Reggina are already in "ritiro" with their minds on sun, sand and picking up some TV showgirl. I'm pinning my hopes on the ire of the rejected Nick Amoruso to maybe stick one to his old employers. Although I think the odds should be about 100-1. Still, remember Perugia.

Milan face a much tougher game against Roma but, in the process, they could do Fiorentina a favour. As long as the Rossoneri don't lose - the Viola go into the last Champions League place. That would be a great achievement and, on balance, I think a fair one. The Giallorossi have been brilliant in the second half of the campaign and, if they'd played that way all season, would be worth fourth place easy, maybe even second or third. But, (and I know I'm biased) I think the boys in purple have been more consistently good throughout the season. Still, whoever gets in should be a better representative than Udinese - especially with a little bit of investment.

I could well live without a Premiership style end to proceedings. I hope somebody's watching what they cook for the Fiorentina team in Verona. And no Totti hat-trick for Roma in Milan. Otherwise, I may fling my satellite dish over the garden wall...


martinobhoy said...

Have to agree old boy. There's no way Juve will lose on Sunday. Ah well maybe next season.

On the bright side my Celtic/Fiorentina Champions League dream is still on.

Spangly Princess said...

*prepares dodgy lasagne, writes 'good luck Toni' on top in tomato sauce*