Sunday, November 30, 2008

Waking the dead

Why did it take three goals conceded to wake Milan from their slumber on Sunday night? The Rossoneri were bossed out of the game for most of the match at Palermo. They only started to push their pink opponents back when the fixture was way beyond them. Don't they realise there is a Scudetto there to be won?

It was so lacklustre from Carlo Ancelotti's men without Kaka. Clarence Seedorf tried his best but they were crushed by the best Palermo performance of the season. Fabrizio Miccoli sparkled, Fabio Liverani pulled the strings and big Mo Carrozzieri looked unbeatable at the back. Not to mention some brilliant saves by Marco Amelia. Hats off to Palermo for a great display but, really, was this the best Milan could muster?

Elsewhere, Inter continue to win without really putting their stamp on the championship. They are now six points clear but have yet to look totally convincing. They were too strong for Juve but then they lost at home to Panathinaikos. It is starting to appear the old conundrums of the Mancini days have not been resolved by Mourinho.

Finally, Roma's revival continued thanks to an impressive second half against Fiorentina. I thought my boys were going to do something after a decent first 45 minutes but they fell back as the game went on. There are still too many elementary mistakes from the Viola to become real title contenders. The Giallorossi, on the other hand, look like they could be set for one of their famous winning streaks. However, they must have let the leaders get too big a gap already.


patcook said...

Milan were terrible. They havent been great all season and I was hoping the combination of luck and a bit of grind would get them through until they got their act together, but I'm convinced they never will under ancelotti again. Let the guy go to Africa or where ever it is he would one day like to coach atm and get someone in who will give the team a kick up the backside and inject some much needed anger into the team.

Im so frustrated at seeing poor performances every weekend and hearing them justified by the same scripted excuses every week.

ginkers said...

Heaven help you when Beckham comes. The last thing Milan need at the moment is another slow-moving midfielder...