Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Juve - the Real deal?

It is never easy for those of a purple persuasion to write about Juventus without bias. The old enemy has caused us so much hurt over the years that it is impossible to put to one side. Any sort of dispassionate analysis becomes difficult.

However, I think it is fair to ask the question - having come through their mini-crisis - just how good are the Bianconeri? Their fans have lurched from despair to downright delirium in the past few weeks. Back to back wins over Real Madrid and a massive league recovery have put some of the old swagger into their stride. Heck, they're nearly as loathsome as they used to be.

It is hard, of course, to dislike Claudio Ranieri. He is such an amiable chap that it is impossible to grudge him his success. His critics brand him too nice to succeed. That may be true. At the moment, however, he is doing a pretty good job with a team which - I would argue - is not really all that good.

Yes, Del Piero has found pinpoint precision with his free-kicks. Yes, Pavel Nedved is up for the fight - when was he ever found wanting in that regard? And, yes, big Amauri has proved an astute signing. But what about the likes of Molinaro, De Ceglie, Chiellini, Marchionni, Sissoko and the rest? Don't try to tell me they are world class.

Still, the proof of the pudding is out on the field of play. For all my reticence, Juve are going great guns. If they beat Genoa on Thursday night they could pull level with Inter. Then, no matter how much I might dislike it, the Hunchbacks will be back on top of the belltower where they feel they rightly belong.


patcook said...

picked Juve to win at the start of the season. I really like Ranieri and I think the squad is good enough to win with a bit of luck.

They're definitely not the best Juve side ever but they've still got a few match winners who could take them a long way this season

ginkers said...

After the way they cuffed Genoa, maybe I have to admit they are a pretty good side.

Juventino said...

I hope you watched the game and paid close attention to Chiellini, Ginkers. Cannavaro served his apprenticeship under Ciro Ferrara. Chiellini has served his under Cannavaro. He's the next in the line of great Italian stoppers.