Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Grazie Roma Part 2

We take our pleasure in small victories these days. Italian football has become like the annoying yappy little dog at the heels of the English Super Debt League. We know that the war will be lost, but there is still the odd glorious battle. Like last night in the Stadio Olimpico.

Despite the global millions poured into the game maybe some national characteristics do hold true. Roma were written off, derided and on the ropes. Then they produced their best performance of the season. Remind anyone of Italy 1982 or 2006?

That they defeated Chelsea was truly sweet. That it was Christian Panucci - old "Mad Dog" himself - that scored the opening goal was joyous. That Francesco Totti gritted his teeth to captain the side was admirable. That Mirko Vucinic skipped away from Jon Obi Mikel was a delight.

So many Giallorossi revived their reputations it would be impossible to mention them all. But I thought Matteo Brighi had one of his best ever games for the club. And even the sometimes annoying David Pizarro was in fine form. A night to remember.

Of course, let's not get too carried away by one win. The collective spending power of the We Owe Billions League is unlikely to be defeated in the long-term. However, that doesn't mean we should not savour these tasty little treats every time they come along.


patcook said...

Do you think Roma can use the victory to bounce back?

I still think theyre in for one very long season.

I think the openness of the league means its harder for some italian clubs to preform in Europe.

Arsenal, man u, chelski and liverpool have played CL many years in a row now.

Italy have had clubs like Udinese and Fiorentina pop up now and again.

ginkers said...


It is going to be hard for Roma as Bologna showed last night. I think they will move back up the table but might end up concentrating their efforts on Europe if they make it to the last 16.

And I don't like that lumping together of Udinese and Fiorentina. We've got two Scudetti to our name, remember, and they've got none...

patcook said...

yeh i know its just been a while since you made CL and was pointing out that those are the clubs that break up the inter-milan-juve-roma thing that had the potential to be as dominant as the chelsea-liverpool-manu-arsenal thing, especially considering two of them were match fixing or 'match influencing' if you will.

to clarify i think fiorentina are a better club.