Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feel my pain

Fiorentina tumbled out of the Champions League - not through lack of effort but rather through lack of clinical finishing in front of goal. They lost at home to Lyon in a game which underlined their main failing in Europe - not turning their chances into goals.

It was a good game and the French were a good team but I felt the Viola were worth at least a draw. The trouble is they shunned opportunities with too much regularity. Zdravko Kuzmanovic, in particular, hit one shot nearer to the corner flag than the goal when put clean through.

It is a skill which Fiorentina have lacked all season. They can put the opposition under pressure for long spells but (apart from the second half against Udinese) fail to turn it into goals. Against a sharp finishing side like Lyon it was always going to spell trouble.

So, there is only the UEFA left to play for. It seems a little hollow. However, until we get more experienced and battle-hardened in the Champs League it is probably about our level. Unless we lose to Bucharest, of course, in which case there is nothing...


martinobhoy said...

Feel your pain!!!!?????????

Let me tell you about Champions League pain my old pal.

patcook said...

ahh, good experience for the team, Man U finished fourth and a few seasons later win the bloody thing. So who knows, in a couple years time Fiorentina could be making semis or better

ginkers said...


Tis true the old Celts have suffered more than most but the competition has also given you some pleasure in recent times (apart from away games).


I hope you are right. Certainly it was a steep learning curve for the Viola.

TrentToffee said...

Pat's right. There is a learning curve to go through. They got off to a flyer in Lyon (I watched in a bar in Bastia) but let it go in the 2nd half. They won't make that mistake again. But chin up, now you look forward to another good run in the UEFA cup.