Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wishes for 2008

Here are a few football-related hopes for the year ahead. I have desperately tried to find something for everyone but please let me know if you feel left out...

1) Italy to win Euro 2008. I know we just won the World Cup but, what the hell, I am greedy.

2) Milan to win the Champions League again. I just found out, courtesy of my Panini album I pretend is for my daughter, that the Rossoneri have made the final on 11 occasions out of 22 participations in the European Cup. Nobody comes close to that.

3) Roma to win the Scudetto. I have never spotted an Inter fan reading this blog but I know there are at least a couple of Romanisti.

4) Fiorentina to win UEFA Cup, Coppa Italia and qualify for Champions League. That's for me and me alone!

5) Venezia to get promotion to Serie B. Arra! Arra! Venezian.

Sorry, Juventini, maybe Trezeguet can get the Golden Boot...


Juventino said...

I'm sure it's been a while since Juve got any love from any Fiorentino, so I don't think any (lighthearted) Juventino reader of your blog would be upset.


martinobhoy said...

1 would be great but I'd settle for 4. And isn't the UEFA Cup Final in Manchester this year? Easy to get to if you could scam us some tickets.

ginkers said...


Good of you to take it in such fine spirits.


Is it? I must go and check that straight away. Although I'll settle for getting past Rosenborg and making the trip down to Liverpool to cuff Everton.

Brian said...

Sadly is the UEFA cup not destined for Glasgow this year????????

Antonio Gurrado said...

Real Madrid for the Champions League, Fiorentina for the UEFA Cup, and Juventus for the Scudetto as usual!

(Inter will win their n-th Coppa Italia)


CresceNet said...

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ginkers said...


Surely not!


I hope you are right with at least one part of that prediction.

TrentToffee said...

"cuff Everton" ! Cheeky bugger :0)

Bring it on ! We're not afraid of yer ! We'll ave yer !!

Having said that. The African cup of nations will have hopefully finished by the time we meet you, and we'll have 1/3rd of our team (Yakubu, Yobo, Pinaar) back on duty.

ursus arctos said...

You have one Viola reader who is an Inter season ticket holder and has an Inter-mad son.

And since we are dreaming, Diego to sign for Fiorentina, please.

ginkers said...


They are no match for our Italian young guns! Oops, better get past those Norwegians first...


Far be it from me to cast aspersions about that reader's parenting skills but an Interista? I hope none of my kids turn out that way!

ursus arctos said...

Since ursus minor showed up, they've only lost one match at home in Serie A (to Roma last year). The old timers who sit around us and have been through the last two decades of hurt see him as a talisman, and were begging us to renew our season tickets at the end of last season.

Venezian said...

Some of those may come true, but Venezia to get promoted? Sadly I fear not unless we can buy a striker partner for Veronese. Our inconsistency probably means playoffs at best for us...but you never know!

Still, if Venezia can't do it, I'll settle for Italy winning Euro 2008 as compensation

(note to the footballing gods - this does not mean that if Venezia do somehow get promoted, I don't want Italy to win Euro 2008 - both would be very nice!)

ginkers said...


Fans are a superstitious bunch right enough. Wait until Inter start losing again and you can sell that season ticket!


I am still rooting for you to get back to the B. But no higher, I don't like it when you are in with the Viola as you were definitely a bogey team.

PS, as your loyal reader, I miss your blog.