Friday, December 21, 2007

Once more into battle

Well, I don't think the Champions League draw could have come out much more tricky for the remaining Italian trio. Two battles with England and a duel with Real Madrid lie in store. Whoever progresses will have to do it the hard way.

Inter will get their chance to show if they really have European pedigree with a trip to Anfield. All evidence suggests to me that the Nerazzurri should be good enough to beat the Reds. However, they have let us down so often in the past I don't have as much faith as I should. Still, now is the time for Bobby Mancini to show his side are truly top class.

The other side of the city also comes to England. I think the Rossoneri against Arsenal clash is one of the most appetising of the last 16. Wenger's side like to play in a certain way and it is a style which I reckon will suit Milan. I expect a lot of goals from this one and it will be a stern test of the World Club Champions. It would be nice to put the Premiership table-toppers in their place once more.

Finally, Roma take on Lazio's conquerors Real Madrid. It would be sweet if the Giallorossi could pull off another tactical masterstroke like they did against Lyon last year. They will be up against it but, as we know, on their day they can outwit anyone.

Oh, and Fiorentina landed Rosenborg in the UEFA Cup. Getting one of the "drop down" teams seems harsh for finishing second in your group. However, if they had had to pick one it might have been the Norwegians. A strong side, certainly, but not unbeatable.


TrentToffee said...

Agreed, the Arsenal/Milan match has the potential to be a belter. On their current form and luck Inter can beat anybody at the moment. Tough draw for Roma.

But never mind this piddling little tournament. The big match that everyone is waiting for is the possibility of an Everton/Fiorentina UEFA cup shown down. Everton got the easier draw (one of the Norwegian teams) but be I shall be rooting for your lads turn Rosenborg over.

Aussie Romanista said...

As long as we don't have any injuries or passengers I have no problem with facing Canna & co.
It's hard to support Liverpool but I hope they lose in the next round.

ginkers said...


I saw the "dream ticket" is on the cards if we both win. I hope we can get through to set up that game. Then I will be down your manor to watch the Viola set Goodison alight!


It will be a good game but Roma will need to be on top form. Still, there are a couple of months to warm up and Totti looks like he is getting back to some good form.

patcook said...

it would be something special if all the italian teams progressed against such strong opponents.

there will be so much good football though and i wish we didnt have to wait so long

Red said...

Can I just say... Buon Anno! Hope 2008 brings you and your family lots of joy and happiness! Ciao ciao.

ginkers said...

Thanks Red, same to you!