Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gagging for it

Go on, tell the truth, you too are feeling like a horny teenager. It has been nearly three weeks since we got any. And I, for one, am bursting with anticipation.

Yes, Serie A explodes back onto our screens this weekend - and thank goodness for that. Sundays are just not the same without it. Goodness me, you have to spend time with the family or do chores around the house. Where is the fun in that?

Top topic for conversation seems to be whether or not Milan will throw Pato into the fray against Napoli. Speculation is rife that he might play alongside Gilardino with Kaka just in behind. Forming the Pa-Gi-Ka frontline or something like that.

Remember what a game Milan v Napoli used to be in the late 1980s? Diego v Berlusconi and all that. It is not quite the same this year but, still, it should be a good game. And Parma v Fiorentina was also a classic six or seven years back but this term they have very different aims for the game.

Elsewhere, Roma face a tricky trip to Bergamo to try to keep up any pressure on Inter who head to Siena. At the very best the Nerazzurri might get held to a draw to give some hope to their rivals. But I don't really believe that will happen.


martinobhoy said...

I actually like the winter shutdown. Have a wee break for a few weeks to concentrate on Christmas and New Year then after that is done start building the anticipation for the football starting again.

It would have to be a pretty daft country not to have one. Oh wait a minute.........

Antonio Gurrado said...

C'mon, it wasn't just Diego vs Silvio... It looked more like Diego vs Arrigo.