Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Show us your worth

I was out in Italy at the weekend as Fiorentina were overwhelmed by Inter. I wasn't at the game but I watched the Viola get outclassed from a little bar in Tuscany. The following day, the Nerazzurri fans were busy crowing about just how good they were.

I had a few observations to make. Undoubtedly, they were streets ahead of the boys in purple but, then again, so they should be. They have had their pick of Serie A players for the last couple of years and have reserves that the Artemio Franchi team could only dream of.

Their fans, too, have slipped into an arrogance that ill-befits them. Until such times as this team ALSO wins in Europe it will have a question mark over it. So now is the time for them to deliver a Champions League crown - it has only been 40 years since the last. Or had their fans forgotten?

Elsewhere, Italy landed Romania, Holland and France for the European Championships. I was going to write something about the ludicrous seeding system. However, I think the group makes that comment more eloquently than I could.


martinobhoy said...

Good to have you back old boy.

Inter have never recovered from their thumping in the 1967 final :o)

Anonymous said...

They will not win in Europe with Mancini at the helm.

- Juventino

Anonymous said...

And their arrogance and delusion goes back further than a week ago.

They all seem to think that the reason they went so long without any success is Calciopoli, not the dozens of shyte players, the seasons with four coaches, the misuse of brilliant players, or the idiotic transfers that a 12-year-old playing Football Manager wouldn't make.

No. Moggi did it.

This season is will be their first real scudetto for 19 years. That's nothing to crow about.

- Juventino

patcook said...

despite all the negatives surrounding Inter, they could really dominate for a long time if they can keep it together.

Winning can become a habit

TrentToffee said...

I watched the match myself. There was only one team in it.

I fear that Pat is right. Being Serie 'A' champions could become a regular habit for Inter over the next few season.

ginkers said...


It is true, although Celtic have never recovered from that one either!


I admire your conviction. They certainly made a lot of duff decisions in player purchasing over the years. It was interesting to watch Inter v Lazio last night. The Nerazzurri got a penalty to start their stroll. I wonder if that penalty had been given to Juve a few years ago what complaints would have been made? Sometimes I think all Italian football has done is replace one "psychologically assisted" side with another...


I don't like Inter without a single Italian but they have looked very strong in recent weeks. There may be no team better in Europe at playing keep-ball. I just hope that they can translate Italian domination to the same in Europe rather than let Serie A down again in the Champions League.


I am hoping in Roma but it always seems harder work for them to win games than it is for Inter. And I see the "dream ticket" Everton v Fiorentina could still be on in the UEFA Cup. See you at Goodison!

TrentToffee said...

"Dream ticket" nice one :0) I like the sound of that.

Anonymous said...

The big three always received those gifts, ginkers. Maybe Juventus more than Milan and Inter, but they always had help, too. I'd like someone to tell me which season it was that the most deserving team didn't win lo scudetto.

I'll support anyone over Inter in the Champions League. I'd rather Serie A go without a CL victory for 10 years than see them win it once.

- Juventino

Brian said...

Bad luck on the Euro draw, looking at it I know that should have been Scotland's group. Still time to show that you're world champions ;0)

Aussie Romanista said...

If Inter were to win the CL is it really a win for Serie A?
It's definitely not a win for Italy or for Italians.

If Roma played with no Italians in the team, or even with only 2 or 3, and had something like 26 foreigners in the squad, I wouldn't support them. I'd write them off because they wouldn't represent anything I believe in and love, which is Italy, Rome and Italian football, and I'd just be a supporter of Italian football in general. Which I already am really, just with Roma at the top of my list.

It makes me wonder how (Italian) Inter fans can really give a shit about their team at the moment when the only Italian is the coach, and Materazzi when he's fit. Any success, whether courtesy of calciopoli or otherwise, would feel very hollow to me. So I'd rather my mostly Italian team come second playing some entertaining football than win with no Italians on the park.

In not so dimplomatic terms, I think Inter are a disgrace and embarassment to Italian football at a time when Italy are the reigning world champions.

Re our Euro 2008 group.... bring it on! I couldn't be happier with the draw. They fear us more than we fear them.

ginkers said...


It has always been this way and, mostly, over a season I dont think it makes much odds. Just the same, it is always painful when it is your team on the receiving end.


It's a tough draw but that might be for the best anyway. Although I'm getting sick of playing France. Unlike Scotland who love playing Domenech.


I dont know how I would feel if Fiorentina had no Italians. Certainly, I am much happier with them following the route of bringing through young players. I guess we always need somebody to dislike and Inter are starting to adopt that role quite well.