Sunday, December 09, 2007

And the good news is...

While Inter's multinational mix delivered another hammering at the weekend to march towards the Scudetto there were some things to warm the Italian football fan's heart. Here were a few of my best bits...

1) The first half performance of Amauri in Palermo's win over Fiorentina. His ball through to Miccoli for the opening goal was outstanding. If he is still available for Italy, Donadoni should seriously take a look. He would make a better Toni replacement than Lucarelli. (The downside to all this is that the Viola got beat but at least the team performance was better than of late).

2) Udinese v Parma. Some magic from Antonio Cassano suggested he was back to his crazy best. He got booked, won a penalty and set up a goal. All in day's work. There were also fireworks from Fabio Quagliarella which could be encouraging for the Azzurri too.

3) Nicola Pozzi. With Empoli in dire straits the young striker produced the goods in thrilling style with all four goals in a 4-1 victory. He was strong in the air, quick on the turn and a little bit lucky. A winning combination if ever there was one.

Also, Rolando Bianchi scored for Manchester City. Not bad for just a couple of days of action.


Anonymous said...

Iaquinta and Palladino both failed to shine against Atalanta and were both justifiably dragged at half-time. Del Piero was very dangerous off the bench.

- Juventino

patcook said...
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patcook said...

“Institutions transcend the people who are in them and Italian football will continue to have its own stamp independent of who is lining up for its clubs. Today many of the bigger European clubs are in the hands of foreign investors, like Manchester United or Chelsea. Capital doesn’t have a nationality and talent doesn’t recognise borders. Chanel hasn’t stopped being the emblem of French chic just because its chief designer for the past decade happens to be a German.” -Santiago Solari

this was a really convincing argument, i thought, and i dont have any problems with the nationality of inters, or any other clubs, players. Especially when there is a good stream of young italian talent coming through.

Martha said...

I loved that Solari interview -- it's really wonderful to find thoughtful, intelligent footballers who are willing to speak their minds. (See also: Clarence Seedorf.)

TrentToffee said...

missed the Serie 'A' action, but caught Bianch's goal. Lovely header. It's a shame that we haven't seen more of him.

martinobhoy said...

Ginkers - What is happening with our Viola boys? I never believed they were going to win Serie A but the recent slide is worrying.

ginkers said...


I think that is Del P's role now, coming on when others are tired. But credit Atalanta, they put up a stuffy performance to snuff out Iaquinta and Palladino.

I've been impressed with Nocerino this year, what do you think?


I buy this argument up to a point. Ferrari, for example, remain quintessentially Italian despite all their foreign input.

However, I do think it alienates supporters, particularly local ones. It might not matter to the global/TV supporter where 'his' or 'her' players come from but to someone following their local team it still has importance.

For example, I find it hard to cheer on Inter without a single Italian while I am happy to back Man City whenever Bianchi takes the pitch.

Also, I think the only reason the young Italian players are still coming through is that no other club has the resources of Inter to buy all its players in South America.


I think we are lucky at the moment to have some intelligent writing about football - particularly in the UK. That is one foreign influence even the most insular Premiership fan must be pleased with.


I like to see him in action. However, at the moment I am supporting Chelsea for as long as Cudicini is in goal!


Defeat to Inter was no disgrace and we were a shade unlucky against Udinese and Palermo (made all our subs then Gamberini got injured). However, the overall play has slipped down in standard (particularly against Reggina).

I think injuries to key players have played a part and trying to compete on two fronts for the first time in ages. We must get something from Samp this weekend and then hammer Cagliari a week later so we can enjoy Christmas.

Juventino said...

Nocerino has been very good. He definitely deserves his spot in the team at the moment. He's a real fighter. I didn't think he had a particularly good game on the weekend.
I was very impressed by Molinaro against Atalanta. He got forward so much and was very dangerous, even after breaking his hand (late as it was).

Antonio Gurrado said...

In the end they (Inter) won't win. Scommettiamo?


ginkers said...


Surely they will win the Scudetto but the Champions League, I don't think so...

Venezian said...

I wouldn't rule out Inter winning the Champions League - they are actually looking like a very powerful team now. Although I am tempted to take Milan at 13/1 - I know they're not playing great, but if there's a team that knows how to win that competition, it's them.

As for Amauri - I don't want a Brazilian with no familial link to Italy playing for us. We have enough good talent without resorting to that - okay, no one is a vice-Toni, but a small tweaking of the system could have Gila and A.N. Other starting in Toni's absence.

Of course, if Amauri does get picked, I'll support him as I support all of the Azzurri - but I don't think we need to go down that road.