Friday, September 28, 2007

What do you think of the show so far?

I know we are only five games in but it is shaping up like the kind of Serie A season we all hoped for. The top of the table is wide-open, nobody is without at least a couple of points and there have been some great matches dished up already.

Roma have been involved in a couple of cracking 2-2 draws of late. I thought they were unlucky to surrender the points against Juve but the share of the spoils with Fiorentina was about fair. Although, I would think that wouldn't I?

That old smackable-faced Swede Ibrahimovic has been in great form but so, too, have Totti, Trezeguet, Mutu and many more. Delighted to see Napoli so far up the table, although I think that they might be a bit flattered by their position. Harsh on Milan to lose at Palermo but they must take chances when they come their way.

This weekend sees Roma and Inter go head to head in what is sure to give us talking points for weeks to come. Totti should be back, Ibra will be ready and it is all systems go. The Stadio Olimpico should be buzzing - I know I am already...


TrentToffee said...

It's been very entertaining. Roma have been a pleasure to watch and should be enjoying a healthy points lead. But, until they get a decent central defender (Mexes needs to spend more time improving his game and less time playing the hardman. Because he isn't. Hell, even I'd go toe to toe with him) and a more intelligent goalkeeper (it sounds a bit harsh I know) they're going to remain also rans in the long run. I hope I'm wrong. Even if only to be spared the wrath of the Aussie-Romanista :0)

The surprises, for me, are Napoli and Palermo. Let's see how much staying power they have. Plenty I hope.

As a "terrestrial only" viewer I think the C5 coverage has been reasonable. Basic (that's how I like it) but reasonable. At least you don't get the obligatory panel of "expert" pundits talking bollocks. Marcotti, when he's on, gives all of the opinion (informed) that's required. He knows his stuff.

I agree, the season is shaping up nicely. More of the same please.

Milanista said...

It has been great for non -Milan fans. Nah, to be honest all round it has been good. Roma are flying high and they will once again be a force this season. Juvebtus are also doing well, and the likes of Napoli are surprising us all.

Just need Milan to get into shape and I will enjoy it more. lol. But this season there will definitely be more competition for lo scudettto and it will get even more exciting as the season progresses.

ginkers said...


I think you are right about C5, after a shaky start they have got a bit better. It still bugs me that they cant get the commentator to get a bit closer to pronouncing the names correctly.


The Rossoneri have been a bit unfortunate in the games I have seen so far (should have beaten Fiorentina, I admit, and Palermo). However, three points are a must at home to Catania this weekend, otherwise I would start to worry.

Spangly Princess said...

Milan's comedy ineptitude has consoled me for the two draws. But TT, I can't agree about Mexes. He's no hardman, sure, but he is immense, and was better than the much-lauded Chivu last season. Like all young-ish defenders he slips up from time to time. But he is more than decent.

Doni, though... he's a great shot-stopper but his judgement coming out of his area is appalling.

TrentToffee said...

I know what you mean about the pronounciation thing. It does grate. But I'm afraid it comes as a result of the media (all of them) employing people on looks, and the ability to witter on inanely. Some of them don't even know there own language let alone a foreign language. According to Sunday nights C5 news Michael Arteta made his return for Everton.