Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Inglesi? No grazie!

It is that time again when we go back into battle for the Champions League. Has so much time really passed since the legendary Paolio Maldinio (I give him his English name) put Premiership football in its place?

Our four contenders go in with very different expectations. Inter MUST show they have Euro quality as well as Serie A Scudetto-winning potential. Milan have nothing to prove - just more records to set. Roma could be the dark horse but must shake off the shadows of Old Trafford. While anything, I would say, is a bonus for Lazio.

Still, I will be backing them all this week and all our UEFA sides later in the week. Especially Fiorentina, whose game is being screened by a pay-per-view porn channel! Now try explaining that to the wife...


martinobhoy said...

Inter have to start producing on the European stage. They might not win it but I dont think getting to the semi-final should be beyond them.

My bet on who would go furthest of the four would still be Milan though.

Anonymous said...

It'd be an embarrassment to the entire continent if Inter were to win the tournament.

Check out the wrap (not) given to Totti here on Sky Sports' coverage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYpf1MR5l00

Predictable from ol'Graeme, but what the hell is wrong with Gullit? Maybe that's why he's never done anything as a manager. Redknapp is the only one with any brains. He can't believe what the other two are saying. Redknapp would have been a great player were he Italian or Spanish, or even if he had just played on the continent!

- Juventino

Ali said...

too bad my Inter has started on the wrong foot.

Spangly Princess said...

ok I just watched that Sky clip on youtube and it has made me LIVID. Now I remember why I hate watching UK coverage of Italian teams. Argh.

BRN SCOZIA said...

I think Redknapp is a very clever and neutral observer.Souness and Ruud like too much to be controversial.
As for the main point. I do think that Milan will go furthet in the Champs League but I expect Roma to have a good campaign.
Will we see Ginkers in the MIlan section in Glasgow next week?

Anonymous said...

A reply from Gabriele Marcotti before Roma v Juve:

- Juventino

Spangly Princess said...

what's your view on the 2-2, Ginkers? For me Frey was probably man of the match. We should have won that. But fair play to the Viola for keeping focused and converting their chances, two things we signally failed to do.

ginkers said...


It is definitely time for Inter to put up or shut up on the Euro front.


I listened to very many similar opinions from John Barnes at the weekend. Roma don't have enough "special players" apparently to do anything in Europe. We will see, we will see.


Plenty of time to turn things around.


It is one of the perks living in UK to listen to these eejits talking about Italian football when they know nothing about it!


I have used up my match-going tokens after visiting the San Siro for Italy v France. But I would love to be at Celtic v Milan, the atmosphere will be great.


It's funny how who you support skews your view! I thought the Viola deserved at least a draw. Roma with Totti would undoubtedly have taken more of the chances they created but I thought we had as many chances ourselves. Makes for an exciting league table.