Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Return of the 'Culo'!

Ah, it took just a week but there it was on Sunday. Large as life and just how we remembered it - Il Culo di Juve! Drawing 2-2 in the closing stages of a pulsating tie in Sardinia, up popped Giorgio Chiellini to grab a last gasp winner that gave the Bianconeri six points out of six so far. There is no Calciopoli sentence, points deduction or court in the land that can eliminate the Culo!

In fairness, La Vecchia Signora maybe deserved the win for her efforts and the referee was atrocious. I watched the match on C5 for the first time and had the following observations. 1) They really need to get Ms Esposto to say something because otherwise it descends into the Chappers and Sharpo show; 2) They could do with a commentator who can pronounce the names properly, when Legrottaglie came on I thought Juve had signed a new player until I saw who it was; and 3) Get rid of John Barnes, although his attempts at saying Camoranesi (Caromanesi, Caramellesi, Canamanesi!) were hilarious.

Elsewhere, congratulations to Napoli and condolences to Udinese after the Azzurri slapped five in up in Friuli. I think Inter were worth their win over Empoli - old flipper-foot Ibrahimovic at his arrogant, annoying best. Roma looked stylish in dispensing with Siena. And Fiorentina snatched a point off a tired-looking Milan, lovely footwork from Santana to set up Mutu for the equaliser.


martinobhoy said...

"Get rid of John Barnes". Now where have I heard that before.....

Pat said...

a draw wasn't too bad for milan considering the timing of the supercup. Thought the penalty was fair but that ambro got a bit lucky cos i think his last touch before he got fouled was a bit heavy and he may have struggled to finish.

i still think dida is in good form. i think the 2 goals we conceded in the last two games weren't his fault. in the supercup they should have had a man on the far post and the marking should have been more effective and against fiorentina jankulovski chose to stay a bit central and allowed mutu to get in behind while dida was protecting the other post.

Anyway, im hoping Juve slow up soon since i tipped them for 6th

TrentToffee said...

Agreed. They need to find something for Laura to say or do. Rather than just saying "this is Calgliari and it's very nice. And next week we're in ... which is also very nice". At the moment she's just eye candy. She's very pretty, but she needs to be more involved somehow. I hope she is, because the show needs an Italian presence. Do you have TV presence Ginkers ?

As for Barnsey. Well he is a chump, but I'll take him (as a pundit) over any of the dipsticks that the BBC has to.

ginkers said...


That has a certain ring to it.


I think you are right about the penalty but even I couldnt grumble too much. Felt the Rossoneri ran out of steam as the young boys came on strong.


I would like to think I have TV presence, but I certainly dont have the looks to rival Laura.