Sunday, September 16, 2007

Entertaining and winning? (And a quote about a compass)

It is a rare team that manages to both entertain and win. Most fans will settle for the latter and, if it is accompanied by the former, so much the better. Only the most contrary supporter will applaud his team for playing exciting football after a heavy defeat (see Fiorentina 3-7 Milan circa 1992).

However, could it be that Italy's most exciting team might actually take the Scudetto this year? It is early days yet but Roma are setting a good pace at the top of the table. They have some tough games in store but their thrilling play has brought them three wins out of three.

I haven't seen any of their main rivals - Inter and Milan - play football anywhere near as pleasing to the eye. I know that it ultimately does not matter how you win but it would be nice to see a team playing good football take the title. Of course, there is plenty of time for the others to raise their game. But, at the moment, Roma are by far the most fun to watch AND they are winning.

A propos of nothing I wanted to add this quote which I just read for the first time recently. It is attributed to Italian sea captain Baciccino Parodi and sums up so much about the nation's sense of perspective.

"I can manage without a compass, but I do not feel like setting out without lasagne."


Pat said...

points on the board are what count and Roma have them at the moment. I hope they can avoid injury upfront, although they have managed in the past by putting forward midfielders.

I think both Inter and Milan are fantastic, but it glances. A touch from Pirlo, an Inzaghi finish, a Materazzi header. The heavy expectations force them to grind out seasons rather than go out every week and play high intensity football.

I dont feel Roma suffer from the same level of expectation and can afford to go out and play the way their fans want because if they come 3rd get knocked out of the champions league in the second round and make the Coppa final its satisfactory. for inter and Milan its a bad season.

that said im glad they dont because it is fantastic football.

martinobhoy said...

Agreed Ginkers. You take the winning first and if it is entertaining then all the better.

ginkers said...


It is true that it is easier to play nice football when the expectation is less. However, I dont think you would find the Olimpico being particularly forgiving if Roma started to be in contention for major honours.


Having grown up with the Viola, mostly I have had to settle for entertaining but losing!

Spangly Princess said...

Pat I'd disagree there, expectations are running pretty high this season. To achieve less than last season, after we've reinforced over the summer, would not go down well.

We play brilliantly, when it all works, but if it doesn't work it can fall apart quite quickly. And today we saw some of the vulnerability of our system. ho hum.

Anonymous said...

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