Saturday, June 16, 2007

Interesting times

Three points to make as succinctly as possible...

1) The Azzurrini are done for. You can kid yourself if you like but Serbia will lose to England meaning we go out. The last set of results were just about the worst possible for our young boys. Shame.

2) Don Fabio - like him or not - will write himself into the record books if he wins La Liga on Sunday night. Is there a more successful Coach with more sides in the modern era? Maybe only Trapattoni could answer that.

3) The Stevens Report - Finger pointed at lots of agents, a couple of managers but, amazingly, none of the clubs. There is a grimy underworld of bungs out there but what will the punishment be? My bet is absolutely nothing for any of the teams involved.


Pat said...

Come on, the azzurini could still pull it off! keep the faith...

I thoght Capello had rined his rep abot half way throgh the year bt thanks to the fact that everyone in La Liga has been terribly inconsistent this year he will probably come away with another title .

Stevens inquiry was a joke

ginkers said...

I hate to say I told you so about the Azzurrini.

Just watched old Fabio getting doused in something to celebrate an amazing comeback win.

Ditto on the Stevens inquiry.

Pat said...

oh well, i guess it means a longer rest before they get back to club duty if thats anything to write home about.

TrentToffee said...

If you want an interesting take on the Stevens report then try this :-

This game will eat itself.