Wednesday, June 06, 2007

E adesso, Forza Azzurrini

With the job of getting six points out of the way against Faroe Islands (bit of a sweat at the end) and Lithuania (Grazie Quaglia-gol), it is time to focus on more pressing matters - the Under 21 European Nations. Now, those of you who have had your fill of football were probably looking forward to a peaceful summer but no such luck!

The Azzurrini have the strongest record in this competition in the whole of Europe and it would cap an amazing 12 months (World Cup and Champions League residing in Italy) if they could take the title again. The competition is in Holland this year and the young boys face some tricky opposition. Their group contains, if memory serves, Serbia, England and Czech Republic.

The first game is on Monday and there is little doubt this is just as talented a squad as has won it in the past. There may be some reservations about the experience of coach Gigi Casiraghi but he has the tools at his disposal to win the cup. Selfishly, I am looking forward to seeing Riccardo Montolivo in action. He has been one of the best players to watch in a purple shirt this season. I hope he can carry it on for a few more weeks. God, you get greedy for trophies, don't you?


BRN SCOZIA said...

Im looking forward to seeing the under 21's give us our fix of football for the summer.Also looking forward to the U20's world cup which starts in Canada in July. Of course there is no chance we will see any of those players in a Milam shirt for at least 10 year!

martinobhoy said...


More to the point who is covering it in the UK? Are we relying on Sky Sports or will Eurosport show a few games?

Milanista said...

It's going to be a great tournament and I do fancy teh Azzurrini doing quite well. They have a great team, and they will be going into thd competition with condifence as they beat albania 4-0 in a friendly! FORZA AZZURRINI.

We do because demanding with trophies, and if they win, it will prove once again calcio isn't dead.

Pat said...

I know there is a lot of football to go, but i would accept italian sides losing every trophy from now till 2010 if they got to lift the World Cup again and go level with Brazil on 5 trophies.

ginkers said...


I think Maldini and Costacurta are a great example of Milan's youth policy!


Sky Sports are supposed to be showing all the games live because England are in there.


I just think it would be an amazing season if we could have all three titles in the bag come the summer. It would also be great for the future.


I'm not sure I would sign that deal, unless you are going to let Fiorentina win a Scudetto in between times!