Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dance in your pants!

It was one of those special Sundays that, I like to think, only Italy can provide. Two great names of Italian football - Napoli and Genoa - won promotion back to Serie A. It was the manner in which they did so that was so typical of the country.

Under the mildly bizarre rules of Serie B this season Napoli knew they were promoted with either a win or a draw. Genoa, however, playing at home in front of a packed Marassi knew they needed to win or hope that Piacenza failed to do so. Only if both sides finished ten points clear of the fourth place team would there be no need for a play-off game. So far, so complicated.

The news which Genoa dreaded eventually came through, however. Piacenza were a goal to the good while the Genoa-Napoli game remained locked at 0-0. It was when Triestina grabbed an equaliser at Piacenza that the typically Italian funny business started. First of all, it looked to all the world like two players on opposite sides - Sosa of Napoli and Galeoto of Genoa - hugged one another when they heard the score. Then all the players seemed more intent on listening out for the result from Piacenza than affecting their own score. The final whistle eventually confirmed the score from the Garilli, meaning both Genoa and Napoli were promoted. The pitch was invaded, the players hurled their shirts and shorts into the crowd. It was festa all round.

"Excuse me," pointed out the referee at this stage. "The game's not actually finished here!"

So it was back into the dressing rooms to try to retrieve some strips, the stewards ushered the fans off the pitch and a couple of minutes of the most meaningless football ever were played out before the party could begin. Only in Italy, I believe, only in Italy....


Milanista said...

lol, it was quite something to watch between the two teams. You got to love calcio, and Italy. As you said "only in italy" and so true.

I am happy to see Genoa and Napoli back in Serie A. Two teams with great history, back in A. Next season Serie A will look great with the likes of Juve, Napoli, Genoa, and the other great teams in it.

And I am sure it will be just as entertaining as ever.

You got to love calcio!

TrentToffee said...

...yes, it's great to see Genoa back. They've just got to stay there now.

martinobhoy said...

AC, Inter, Juve, Fiorentina, Samp, Genoa, Roma, Lazio and Napoli all in the top division.

It's now looking like the Serie A I fell in love with all those years ago.

How much for a Viola season ticket?

Antonio Gurrado said...

Only in Italy: this is the reason why we're an happy nation.


ginkers said...


It looks like a great season ahead.


Nice to see Genoa return - I hope nobody finds a car with a wad of cash in it this time!


Probably a lot less than your Celtic season ticket - even if you add in the Ryanair flights every other weekend!


It was certainly a fine way to end the season...