Thursday, May 31, 2007

Six on the brain

Is there no rest for the Italy fan? Clearly not as the Azzurri head out on an away double-header that will have a big say on their Euro qualification. On paper, the Faroe Islands and Lithuania should be the two most straightforward overseas trips of the group. However, it would be foolish to ever take things for granted.

That said, anything less than back to back wins would be disaster. France play Ukraine this weekend which will go some way to deciding which one of the two emerges as top of the group contenders (probably France). While Scotland are next to play the Faroes and must be in line for another three points. That makes twin triumphs the only option for Donadoni and company.

It looks like Ambrosini and Zambrotta will miss the Faroes game but there should be enough cover there. The bigger concern is the bumpy pitch in Lithuania and a team which is stuffy to say the least. The longer it goes 0-0 the more cause for concern.

The squad does not look the greatest we have ever put together. No Toni, Totti, Nesta, etc. Still, it ought to be good enough. The six points would give a much healthier look to the qualification table.


Anonymous said...

I think the upcoming Azzurrini matches are exciting me more! There's some fantastic talent in that squad.

- Juventino

Aussie Romanista said...

Why should we be worried? If Brazil were the current world champions and had to play 2 away matches, say against Peru and El Salvador, nobody would consider anything but 6 points.
We've got a great squad so we should think the same way about i nostri CAMPIONI DEL MONDO!!!!
Il cielo e` azzurro sopra Berlino!

ginkers said...


I am also looking forward to the Under 21 games, and have, hopefully, something special planned for the blog.


I like your confidence. I have just been supporting Italy too long to ever take anything for granted.

Antonio Gurrado said...

Yes, the U21 is definitely better, I fear. And I also fear that some of the Azzurri could really understimate the opponent. I remember a dreadful 0-0 against Georgia with Sacchi as a coach - and around 1991 a 1-0 victory of Faroes (Far Oer as we like to call them in Italy) against, er, Austria.


Pat said...

So the game against Faroe wasn't too great, atleast SuperPippo got a brace.