Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ancelotti speaks the truth

There has been much coverage of Carlo Ancelotti "ridiculing" Liverpool in his latest statements in the build-up to the Champions League final. Leaving aside the fact that Carletto is far too cautious to put himself out on such a limb, wasn't he just setting out the facts as they are?

His first comment was that Liverpool were the least technically gifted of the three English semi-finalists. How can you argue with that, really? The league table surely tells its own story - they were streets behind Man Utd and Chelsea. They can clearly raise their game but, on balance, are inferior to both of those sides.

Then he said they did not play like an English side. Again, that seems a fair comment does it not given the number of foreigners they field and have a Spanish manager? Their cagey approach is not the traditional one of English sides.

Finally, he said he would rather have played Man Utd as they play their game and let you play yours. That hardly seems controversial at all. Still, anything to stir things up before the final, I suppose.

Just a quick note of thanks to Espanyol and Seville for producing an entertaining UEFA Cup final last night. I know I often criticise the other leagues around Europe but they brought a bit of credibility back to a competition that has struggled in recent times. I still don't like the format but it produced a good final between two decent (if not great) sides.


Antonio Gurrado said...

Ancelotti said the same thing I told some weeks ago to a friend of mine living in Saragozza: that if Liverpool wins the Champions, we will have both the european competition won by spanish teams.


BRN SCOZIA said...

Of course Carlo is telling the truth.
I do hope that we manage to win it this time.If there is a footballing god then of course Milan will win but we all know there aint.Another perfomance like the one against Man U in the San Siro and liverpool will be destroyed.
The Brigate Rossonere Scozia will be there in force!
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ginkers said...


Indeed, the heart of Liverpool is Spanish at the moment whether people want to admit it or not.


I am keeping everything crossed and will endeavour to visit your discussion board soon...

TrentToffee said...

...yes, apparently Gerrard, Sissoko, Mascherano, Pennant and Zenden don't feature in the Liverpool team at all. In fact they're hardly ever selected. And, all of them are Spanish to a man. Not to mention those other Spaniards Kuyt, Crouch, Bellamy, Caragher, Agger, Riise...

Ginkers you do write some tosh sometimes. Are you suffering from bloggers block ?

tracey said...

The heart of many of the greatest Italian teams has been foreign long before British teams, so what.