Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The perfect moment

It wasn't beautiful but, be honest, we didn't really want that. Milan were beautiful in Istanbul and look where it got them. This time around it was enough just to win, it didn't matter how. And who better when that is called for than Pippo Inzaghi?

The game set out on a course that was worryingly familiar and seemed to be going to Liverpool's plan. Once again, without creating a lot themselves, they were able to smother the creative players in the Rossonero side and make them rush their passes and lose the ball with alarming regularity. It seemed that Carlo Ancelotti's men could not break free.

But, of course, we hadn't counted on that man Super Pippo. A ricochet off his shoulder (is there any part of his anatomy he hasn't scored with?) and the game changed direction. Liverpool were unable this time to raise a grandstand reaction and instead continued with their aggressive but ultimately toothless play. It was crying out for that man to put the game out of reach. When he did, it was in greater style.

A neat through ball from Kaka, the offside trap beaten and Reina rounded. The ball seemed to take an age to trundle across the line but the job, we thought, was done. There was the worry of a late Kuyt goal (offside, anyone?) but this time it didn't matter. The cup was rightfully Milan's. Seven times champions and a fitting coronation for Paolo Maldini.

The night in Athens joins a string of Rossonero legendary games. Sure, it was an ugly victory. But that doesn't mean we have to love it any less...


Antonio Gurrado said...

I was in the usual room full of english supporters. At the final whistle one of them said "that's nonsense" and a second later I realized I was alone in the room.


Aussie Romanista said...

Yep, Kuyt offside for me. Benitez stuffed up by replacing Mascherano and not starting with Crouch. But who cares!
Super Pippo is a legend. His second goal reminded me of Ravanelli's against Ajax in 96.
I love Milan in Europe and I love Paolo Maldini!

martinobhoy said...

And as a very astute blogger has pointed out elsewhere football's two most prestigious trophies are now in Italy.

Red said...


Spangly Princess said...

indeed, Martino. Still doens't stop people from banging on about Serie A being an inferior league, though. Lovely night, my Milanista housemate went mental!

ginkers said...


I was lucky enough to be with my dad and uncle and we went berzerk. The only trouble was when I ran out of the house to celebrate and the streets were empty.


The second goal reminded me a bit of Baggio's narrow angle finish against Spain, I think, at USA 94.


Insightful as always...




Given all the tripe that was written when three English teams got to the semi finals, I hope a bit of it might be revisited.

Venezian said...

Campioni del Mondo!
Campioni d'Europa!

Any of the media that want to belittle our game may want to consider that. Not that they will, of course. But who cares?!

This was the year of the "all English final", this was the year 'experts' like Gray and Hansen told us an English team would definitely nice to spoil their little party!

Now for the big one on Saturday though - Venezia - Pisa in the playoff semi-finals!

ginkers said...

Is that game on satellite anywhere Venezian, I would love to see a piece of that action...

martinobhoy said...

Will this epic play-off encourage Venezian to start blogging again?

Venezian said...

Martino, you (unlike many others) will be delighted to hear I am back blogging! Check out my page for a recap of the season and a look forward to the game...

Aussie Romanista said...

Funny you say that re Baggio's goal GR. In my post I had actually also typed "and Baggio's v Spain", but then deleted it before posting, probably because of the way the ball slowly rolled in which made it look more like Ravanelli's. But yes, Inzaghi's rounding of the keeper was just like Baggio v Spain.
We think alike in a lot of ways.
Forza Roby! I miss him.

ginkers said...

You should be worried if you think like me! But I admit to missing the Divin Codino too...

TrentToffee said...

Well done AC Milan, and, thank you.
I couldn't have stomached those red f*ckers clebrating another CL trophy (or any other for that matter).

Once again there fans behaved disgracfully. Is there a worse set of ugly and unpleasent football supporters any where else in the world ? It's not easy to think of any is it.

They're all c*nts. Ban them from Europe forever.

Apologies. I just had to get that off my chest :o)


ginkers said...

Fine by me, come here any time you want to insult Liverpool. I think it was somehow all the sweeter that they think they didn't deserve to lose.

I am also sick of hearing them whinge about how they couldn't get tickets. Learn to behave and you might get a few more!

tracey said...

La Gazzetta dello Sport said this confirmed Italian superiority. It's amazing what a flukey deflection can do for your self esteem. And yet it's only the English who are arrogant.

"This club has provided me with a lot of amazing emotions and this is another example," Maldini said. "We've been the best team in Italy, Europe and the world over the last 20 years and the cycle hasn't ended yet. We've got something different to other clubs. We've had this special mentality for some time."

BRN SCOZIA said...

Yes it ws a truly special night in Athens.It was a pleasure to be part of the Milan fans.
As for the scousers I have never met such a bunch of arrogant,aggressive disrespectfull supporters in all my 30 years of watching football!The vast majority were drunk and could easily have been turned away from the stadium on these grounds.I did not see ONE drunk Milan fan and remember that I was with the Milan fans.
More importantly on the pitch we did just enough.What can you say about Super Pippo?

Pat said...

hey tracey..

Maldini's bloody right too.

18 years...8 finals...5 trophies, that means in less than 2 decades we've won as many as Liverpool have in the whole history of European competition.

And lucky deflection? Before the game i was watching a dvd with highlights from their scudetto victory in 2004, against Inter, when they won 3-1, the first goal is an identical goal except he nods it in with his head. Pirlo set piece on the left post -- aims for far post, inzaghi running across the goal finds the path of the ball and knocks it in.
I dont think that Milan said ok this is what we're gunna do.. Pirlos going to kick it into inzaghi and he'll score, but they probably said something like... Ok inzaghi you run across the face of the goal to distract the goalie and if the ball comes your way knock it in.

Aussie Romanista said...

Tracey, Maldini is 100% correct. Milan's record speaks for itself. Why be jealous?

Check out Inzaghi's goal at 1:40
Coincidence? Even if it's luck, it's luck that he creates by getting himself in the right position.

Aussie Romanista said...

Re Roby, on his web site he's now blogging (translated in to English also) and posting video blogs too. At the moment he's in Argentina.

Pat said...

AR, went to that YouTube connection in ur comment and saw the one against brescia(?) that hit his feet, there is also the one against inter in the 03-04 season and then the one against Liverpool

So thats 3 times! thats starting to be a little more than luck

ginkers said...


His first goal might have been lucky but what about the second? Maybe if Liverpool had somebody with his finishing quality they might have produced a few more goalscoring chances. Given Milan are now the club that has won the most major international trophies in the world I think they are entitled to consider themselves a bit special.


I think the fans and tickets thing has been used to deflect from Milan's achievement in winning the cup. The final was no classic but I don't think that should let anyone forget just how the Rossoneri dismantled Man Utd - the English league champions.


Inzaghi has been "lucky" so often in Europe and Serie A that there has to be a bit more than chance to his goalscoring ability. I've said it before, he would drive you nuts if he played for the opposition but he is the kind of niggling, annoying, jammy striker anyone would want in their team.


I had checked out the Baggio blog a while ago, I must pop back.